Top Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists in Dallas/ Fort Worth

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The Best Dallas /Fort Worth Wedding Hair and Makeup Artists

I absolutely love having my hair and makeup done! You can usually find me on Youtube searching for How to videos. As a wedding photographer, having the right professional is extremely crucial for amazing pictures. Along my journey as a wedding photographer, I have met some of the most amazing wedding hair and makeup stylists.

This is why I’m about to give hand you a list of the best (my favorites) wedding hair and makeup artists in the Dallas/ Fort Worth area. Before going into it, make sure you book a test session from both your hair and makeup professional because some brides do prefer to have the same team for both their wedding hair and makeup. This is more of preferences than a necessity, which may cause a little less stress.  First, I will start with companies that provide both hair and makeup services, followed by companies providing one or the other.

8 Best Wedding Hair and Makeup Stylists in Dallas/Fort Worth

Having one team for both your wedding hair and makeup can save a little money, and maybe a little easier and less stressful. Most companies have multiple stylists to move things along a little more quickly.

  1. Nyoka Gregory Beauty
  2. Melisa J Makeup
  3. J Torry Makeup and Hair Artistry
  4. Erin Blair Makeup and Hair
  5. Baleigh Kerr Hair & Makeup
  6. Beauty 306 
  7. Hello Flawless Artistry
  8. Jaclyn Irabor 

4 Best Dallas / Fort Worth Wedding Hair Stylists

These are the most amazing hair stylists in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, that will not disappoint!

  1. Danica Rey Hair
  2. Adrienne Redman
  3. Cassy Dorr
  4. Duo Divas

6 Best Dallas / Fort Worth Wedding Makeup Artists

Below are a few options, whether you’re going for a glam look or a soft natural look instead.

  1. Katie Hunt
  2. 21 Glam Street
  3. Kim J Luv
  4. Jamie Dionne
  5. For Beauty Sake
  6. Impeccable Faces

As far as photography goes, a professional makeup artist will work to accomplish just the right look for your wedding pictures. At the end of the day, whether you go for an ultra-glam or soft natural look is really up to you, but a professional application will make a huge difference in terms of colors and shadows.

Who are your favorites? I would love to know.

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