Over the years, I’ve become more passionate about sharing my experience with others. I’ve developed a series of small wedding photography workshops and mentoring course to assist wedding photographers at any level of their business. Since I first began shooting weddings in 2008 I’ve learned contract, customer service, marketing and shooting tips and I’m eager to share! Let’s me help you on your journey to being a better wedding photographer!

We are excited to announce the launch of Prettie, an intensive wedding photography series hosted by Lavishly Lux Studio. Prettie is not a traditional workshop, instead it’s a  progressive series to support wedding photographers and help elevate their businesses.  


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I'm so excited about my new 5 week workshop for beginner  to mid level wedding photographers. This workshop is intended to get you started on the right track as a wedding photographer. This session will provide you with basic tools to start or take your business to another level.
March 5, 2024 @ 7:30pm CST
The total cost = $250. This workshop is virtual and will be held via zoom so sign up and bring your questions.



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We are excited to announce the launch of Prettie: Intensive, an intensive wedding photography workshop . This is a mid-level progressive workshop to support wedding photographers and help elevate their businesses. During Prettie, attendees will participate in a live, mock wedding photoshoot alongside three expert wedding photographers that will walk them through their shooting process from the beginning stages of the wedding to the end.

Outside of the hands-on shooting experience, Prettie will provide their attendees with;

A luxurious mock wedding ceremony and reception set up
A live culling and editing session
Flat lay and detail How-to session
Off camera lighting session
Marketing and editorial tips from industry experts