Top 5 Wedding Decor Tips for Your Special Day at The Olana

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People getting married, especially brides, want their wedding day to be perfect. A perfect venue is something that never slips out of their minds. An outdoor venue is often the most exquisite idea for weddings or receptions and it becomes even more beautiful with the best Wedding Decor Tips. 

The Olana is a one-stop shop with packages and venues. It was previously a mansion and later renovated into a venue. Apart from being the most beautiful mansion outside the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, the Olana represents a classy venue. So, let’s dig into the Wedding Decor Tips Olana has to offer for your fairytale wedding.

5 Olana Venue Wedding Decor Tips for Your Special Day 

1. Select an Aesthetic Color Theme

The correct color theme determines the whole vibe of your party. Therefore, it is the first thing you must be 100 per cent sure about. A monochromatic theme makes it more timeless for your decorations to stay compact yet stylish. It also lets the other decorative props bind together.

Shades, like rose golden, mauve, ice blue, or faded yellow with a pop of green, give the whole arrangement a picturesque look. The way outdoor events come across with these colors is unimaginable. 

If you want to make your big day blingy and fancy, you can choose color themes with bronze and golden as your main colors. Nighttime wedding colors like teals, pinkish purple, and dusty plum will not disappoint you. These shades add a more vibrant yet sleek environment to your indoor wedding event.

2. Choose Between Indoor or Outdoor Setup

Marrying the love of your life is the happiest day for people, and nobody wants to be hassled on their special day. Don’t worry if you doubt it will pour down unplanned. There is still an option to add that natural touch to your event. The exquisite indoor garden will provide style and elegance for your wedding shoot. 

Olana venue decoration ideas are so vast that you can never go wrong with them. Imagine having the most romantic dance on your wedding night. The indoor ballroom available at Olana fulfills this childhood fantasy most brides grow up with. 

For that open-air luxury wedding decor, Dallas has the Olana, which offers outdoor arrangements at the front and back of the location. These outdoor decorations look even better at Olana, making the perfect ceremony location. Small lanterns, dangling lights, vintage vases, mason jars, or the dichotomy of any of these will give the decor a modern look.

3. Your Favourite Flowers and a Little Personal Touch

Roses are the official wedding flowers. However, peonies represent the concept of “happy marriage.” Most couples go for their favorite flower theme. Others leave it up to the decoration managers to create the perfect look for their special day. 

We suggest you choose a pair to complement the color theme. One pair will follow the color theme, and the other should be vibrant to add a little to the theme. 

A wall of memories to rejoice your favorite memories together is one of those Olana wedding ideas that will uplift the mood of the entire wedding. Another creative idea you can execute at your wedding is to place a jar of wishes. People invited to your wedding can write sweet wishes to you on colorful paper notes. At the end of the event, you will have an individual memory from each of your guests.

4. Photography Booth for Your Guests

The Olana also provides a beautiful backdrop for photography. So, your friends and family will not be zoned out while you are busy with the wedding photoshoot. This will help you engage with your guests when you are not communicating with them directly.

Olana management does not restrict you from availing of their photography services. If you have not yet hired a team, you can contact Lavishlyluxstudio. Their signature work relates to multicultural wedding photography. Lavishlyluxstudio has a list of Dallas native couples who trust them. Their vision extends from spreading love, as they consider love an adventure, to providing grace and style. 

5. Green Scenic Tenting With a Touch of Minimal Pink 

The easiest yet the most classic look to pull off at the Olana is using greenery. The scenic beauty and subtle look that greenery provides are a treat to the eye for almost everyone. Your arrangement will get an even more opulent look as you add minimal pink draping here and there. 

This elegant wedding decor Olana offers will become even more exquisite as you add greenery-draped tenting to make the roof of your arrangement. The final touch to bring your arrangement together is to place greenery-based table runners instead of more expensive linen or silk ones. 

If you have planned a vibrant floral theme for your wedding but want to experience the greenery, here you go with one of Olana’s best Wedding Decor Tips. The outdoor backyard at Olana already has a green touch. You can use green as the backdrop for your vibrant flowers, a touch of beautiful sage green, or pergola stems. The main flowers will, hence, pop out and complement your theme.


The combination of Wedding Decor Tips Olana offers and Lavishlyluxstudio’s utmost professional excellence will be the cherry on top of your wedding arrangements. All the team members of Lavishluxstudio excel at what they are doing. Hence, your wedding photo shoot will be the most sensational, even if it is not the Olana. Speaking of the venue, the Olana management is building a new adjacent resort. So it is a win-win for you to plan your wedding at the Olana if you are worried about accommodating your friends and family.