Top 5 Houston Black Wedding Planners

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Houston Black Wedding Planners 

Yes, we can all agree that weddings are the most magical event ever, and as a photographer I love seeing the finished product through my lens.  To be truthful, planning a wedding can be hard work. That’s why I always recommend hiring a planner, you definitely won’t regret it.

There are some amazing Houston black wedding planners that will make planning your nuptials definitely worth your while and money.  As a matter of fact, planners offer an array of services. They won’t just plan your entire wedding, you can ask for full planning, partial, the month of/and or day of services.

Below are my ultimate favorite Houston Black Wedding Planners.

Houston Black Wedding Planners

  1. Events With Darrell
  2. Swalarue Events
  3. Royal Luxury Events
  4. The Savvy Consultants
  5. D’ Concierge

Here are a few reasons why you should hire a wedding planner ;

1.  Girl, you’re on a schedule:

If you’re a mom, work a full-time job, still go to school, it’s safe to say that life is still on the roll. Unfortunately, the world DOESN’T stop because we need to plan a wedding.

And while you have your daily routine to get to have to handle wedding planning can & will get stressful. But, wedding planners will schedule meetings with vendors, pick out linens, invitations, and know exactly where to go to find services and products you need and save you time and money because of it.

2.  Budget Worth

It may seem bougie to hire a wedding planner, but trust me, it’s not. Cause believe me when I say, they will stretch those dollars if you’re on a budget. A planner will help you prioritize products and services while sticking to your numbers and expectations. They’ll know the best most reliable vendors in town and gain great pricing. If you can’t afford to hire a planner to help through the entire process, it’s a good idea to bring one in halfway too.

3.  Less Stress

It’s unfair if you’re not enjoying the process of wedding planning. Choosing flower arrangements, napkins, linens, and decor should be a pleasant activity prior to the big day. Unfortunately, most of the planning is stressful, especially when juggling with a single hand all the pricing, vendors, venues, etc. So delegating a bit of that to someone who knows best, is sometimes… well, best.

4.  The Perfect Wedding Day

You want to have the time of your life but also want friends & family to enjoy themselves too. Well, hiring a planner can make this much easier, especially if the day is divided into multiple venues which have their own coordination. Dealing with one single person instead of multiple people is much more relieving. A planner will help you coordinate guests, coordinators in venues, employees, you name it. A planner will also help to make our wedding photo  + video team more proficient. We love helping our brides, but we also love when we can leave the small details to the wedding planner.

So you see, hiring a wedding planner to take some of the weight off your shoulders can not only be cost worthy, but it also lets you enjoy the process of planning the perfect wedding day. As always, please let me know if you would like for me to send over a detailed wedding photography proposal. We consider love to be the purest art form there is. Let’s be real… it takes a serious amount of dedication, imagination and collaboration to create a love that will last. Let us document the important parts so you can focus on your masterpiece! We’re inspired by the expression of true love, unscripted and un-posed. We would love to work with you.

Good luck with your search!