Wedding Photography A.K.A. Psychology #101

Psychology of  a Wedding Photographer

You’re a fantastic photographer. You can pull off artsy, traditional, moody or ethereal. You can produce images from events that make people literally cry with joyful emotion. But that’s not enough.

To bring your wedding photography business to the forefront you are going to have to be known as the photographer that does it ALL. You will become a pseudo member of the family for the duration of each project.

Along this journey you will encounter a multitude of personalities to decipher and manage in the most humble and tactful way possible. Bridezillas, family quarrels, and the stress of the BIG day all come down to you making everyone feel safe, secure and free to enjoy their moment. On top of this you only have one chance to get it right. There are no re-dos.

A few tips to help manage this tremendous task include:

  • Most importantly, remembering this day, this event, is not about YOU. You may want everyone to gather right at sunset in a certain spot, or need everyone to quite down and focus at a specific moment, but you have to be open to the flow of the moment and remember, you are going to do your best while allowing your clients to revel in their special moments.
  •  You are going to be there from set-up, to dressing the bride to the very bittersweet end. This is where again, you’ll have to tap in to your inner strength and move along at your clients pace.
  • You may get the brunt end of the mother in-law’s gripes, the frantic worries of someone coming late, and a myriad of other problems. It is part of your job to take things in stride and reassure everyone that everything is going to be just perfect.
  • The best wedding professionals are simply the most humble; it’s a part of the job.

It’s their day and their fantasy and they want to feel as such. Brides want to know you are as involved in their fantasy as they are. There’s always a sense of urgency, and it’s challenging to keep up. Here are a few things that may give your business or approval rating a little boost.

  1. Ask who is coming to the consultation and get the names. Greet everyone by name. Bring a little gift to show your excitement. We use Boxfox.
  2. Get personal. Weddings are personal; show you’re a professional but show you care.
  3. Send something special when they book you. Macaroons, wine glasses, cookies, truffles. This is where your branding may help; a branded gift would help reiterate your business image.
  4. At the wedding offer words of encouragement. This is great during the preparation stage.
  5. Be handy; offer an extra hand when needed.
  6. Engage with your client’s party. Greet guests, play with children, be courteous and smile!

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