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Wedding App | 4 Reasons You Should Plan Your Wedding with Appy Couple

I have to admit, I am OBSESSED with Appy Couple. This all-new wedding app makes planning your big day easier than ever. In addition to the multitude of helpful and intuitive features, the different styles and themes available to couples are absolutely gorgeous. Check out the top 4 reasons you should use Appy Couple to…

Tales of A Professional Wedding Guest PART 1 – Romantic Comedies Got it All Wrong.

I like to say: “Your wedding is what you make it.” But, sometimes, nerves, stress, and craving only perfection is just the recipe for disaster.   A better recipe is going into your wedding day knowing you’ll have the time of your life, with the person you love, and I promise everything will be alright….

Keep Calm and Wedding Plan. But how?

  Misha here, and I’d just like to tell you to first: Breathe. I know planning can get overwhelming. Try and remember why you’re doing this. It’s your wedding day! The moments created will last a lifetime. Even if you’re just wishing for the day to get here take a moment to chill, and (try…