Murietta, California Picturesque Wedding


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Let your love ring from the mountaintops! That's what Sara and Bart did for their rustic and gorgeous wedding held at Heritage Hill in Murietta, California. Another super talented social media influencer couple, these two designed their entire wedding by themselves! They had simple yet elegant details that really made their wedding a huge success. Let's start off with the venue, Heritage Hills was such a beautiful setting as the pictures that were taken featured the mountain range in the background and valleys down below, it was simply stunning. Sara and Bart opted to go the non- traditional route for their food selection, which was a hit with the crowd! Taco station (yes, please!), pizza station, sushi station, they had it all. Not to mention their incredible selection for a dessert bar: S'mores, ice cream, cake, cupcakes...this wedding was sooooo sweet!

In addition to these cute details, the couple also wanted to add a passion of theirs into the wedding, which was traveling, as well as their individual passions. As centerpieces for the tables, there were fish bowls with a fish in it and a fishing pole, a reflection of Bart, who's a fishermen at heart. Each table at the reception was named after a place that Sara and Bart had visited and was adorned with three pictures of them in those places…. How cute is that?! They went all out, didn't they? I was able to capture some truly amazing photos right before the reception. Every last detail had a bit of Sara and Bart infused into it, right down to the sparkler exit to seal their night. They even had a photo booth which was a wonderful touch for the guests who would also be able to have a cute little keepsake from the wedding.

I can't say enough about how awesome these two did with the style elements of their special day. Their love is so real, so palpable, so eternal, best wishes Sara & Bart! Thanks for inviting LavishlyLux to your soiree. The wedding was epic and one of the most fun weddings I've had the pleasure of photographing. If you're still searching for a southern wedding photographer, look no further, I'm at your disposal!