Dallas Black Wedding Planners

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Yes, we can all agree that weddings are the most magical event ever, and as a photographer/guest, I usually get to see the “finished product” through my lens. But let me tell you, planning a wedding can be hard work and cause a whole lot of stress. That’s why I always recommend hiring a planner, you definitely won’t regret it.

There are some wonderful black wedding planners in Dallas that will make planning your nuptials definitely worth your while and money. As a matter of fact, planners offer an array of services. They won’t just plan your entire wedding, you can ask for full planning, partial, the month of/and or day of services.

Some people may consider hiring a planner expensive of bougie, but this is totally not the way it goes. Planners will work their way into getting you the best prices in town because they know venues, catering, bakeries and most of the people that provide services for weddings. So they’ll for sure take care of your hard-earned dollars, trust.

Plus, did you think that planning a wedding takes just a day or two? That’s not the case. Most weddings take at least a year to plan. Furthermore, a planner will keep you in line with your budget, just in case you want to go spending on things you can be saving on, as well as lower some of the stress of planning all on your own.

Below are my ultimate favorite black wedding planners in the Dallas / Fort Worth area.

Dallas Black Wedding Planners

Swank Soiree
Leir Dor
Rae Lawson
KScott Events
Wedding Event Design
Truly Ewers Events

My list consists of a few of my favorite black wedding planners in the Dallas Metroplex area.

Whether you’re planning a cultural affair, destination wedding or traditional wedding, you can feel free to choose any of the planners from our list. They are more than qualified to attend to your wishes and needs for your unforgettable, big day.

In the long run, as a wedding photographer, I recommend happy couples to hire a planner. Here are other reasons why this may be perfect for you.

No Stress – I won’t promise you won’t stress out at least a bit. But just imagine having to do everything on your own? That’s not OK. You’re entitled to enjoy the process of your wedding planning too.
Manage Your Budget – A good planner is a master at making sure you stay within budget and with their connections, save you more than a few dollars.

Protect Your Relationships- Relying on friends and family to manage your wedding planning can get a bit tricky. This is why having someone from the “outside” objectively help you choose colors, designs, decor, venus, etc. is the right way to go. Trust me, protect your close relationships!