Top 10 Ways to Propose to your Bridesmaids

Who says you can’t propose to your bridesmaids?  After all, they have been your ride or dies for years, haven’t they? Being a wedding photographer, I get an inside scoop on the newest trends and ideas brides are going for in order to create their special day.  We know how stressful it can be to pull off the best day, so we’ve compiled a list of 10 Bridesmaid gift ideas to help make some of your wedding planning a little easier.

When it comes to Bridesmaid proposals, the number one thing brides and bridesmaids have conveyed to us is that although there the gift ideas are thoughtful, they are dated. Not in the sense of tacky or out of style though, but in the sense that they are very limited to the event.

For that reason, this list is comprised of timeless options that can be optionally personalized to the person or the event. This way, your happy bridesmaids can make use of these long after your wedding. However, if you like the idea of everything “bridesmaid”,  you’ll have the option to customize as well.  Trust me, we’ve got you covered!

Lavishly Lux Bridesmaid Cards

Propose to Bridesmaids Lavishly Lux Studio

As with any gift, the cards are introductory, which is why Lavishly Lux has created its own line of greeting cards. Our illustrated cards are multicultural to allow brides to sketch a picture of themselves with each of their bridesmaids.

Our cards include a variety of skin tones, hair colors and style options to create the most lifelike look. We also have cards for Maids and Matrons of Honor.  When asking via a lovely card first, this will call for double the excitement – First for the card and the special question and secondly for the gift! Plus, who wouldn’t want to keep this gorgeous piece of art as a keepsake? Take a look at our shop here.

Survival kits

Propose to Bridesmaids Lavishly Lux Studio

In our opinion, every female needs a survival kit for those, well, unexpected moments.  This one includes everything you could possibly need for the day of your wedding and/or beyond.  Unlike most survival kits that are very minimal, these have you covered for most female emergencies.  The bags themselves are super durable and hold much more than you think. Imagine asking your best girlfriend the question with our card and then handing them the ultimate kit – what could any girl ask for.  Get it on Etsy

Personalized Jewelry

Propose to bridesmaids Lavishly Lux Studio

These dainty initial necklaces are a great addition to any collection.  They come in both gold and silver and feature a letter on one side and the phrase: “One in a Million” on the other.  These necklaces look great on their own, as a layering piece, and honestly? I’d be willing to bet these are a great piece to add to your bridesmaid’s ensemble.  Shop them at Nordstrom.

Personalized Wine Glasses

Propose to Bridesmaids Lavishly Lux Sudio

These personal etched wine glasses are a great alternative to the standard “bridesmaid” glass.  They are classy, elegant and timeless. Get them for $30 for a set of 4, a great deal! Since they are etched, they require little to no maintenance and are also dishwasher safe. You can order them in a variety of fonts too! Shop them on Etsy here.

Dana’s Bakery Macarons

Propose to bidesmaids Lavishly Lux Studio

Dana’s Bakery is home to the masters of the macaron (so much so they even offer classes)!  In addition to your Lavishly Lux card, why not include some sweet treats. You should!

Whether you are mailing these to yourself or directly to your friend, with Dana’s fast & chilled shipping, rest assured the taste will not be sacrificed.  These handmade “I can’t believe they are gluten free” champagne and strawberry sweets are a great choice and come in a variety of delicious, lip-smacking flavors.  We’ll stop talking about this and see what’s up at Dana’s by heading over to their shop.

Personalized Champagne Flutes

propose to bridesmaids lavishly lux studios

Would you take a look at these gorgeous stemless champagne flutes? We think they’re a perfect way to acknowledge your celebratory event!  These are available in a variety of colors and fonts and can be personalized however you desire.  Because these are such a multi-use gift, these glasses could easily be featured at all your upcoming bridal events as well as in the future.  They look so perfect with our greeting card too, what a pair! Shop for these on Etsy.


One Hope Box

propose to bridesmaid lavishly Lux Studio

This lovely box includes a bottle of champagne, confetti and a set of flutes, so right after you pop the question you can celebrate! The best part about One Hope, in our opinion, is that this bridesmaid proposal box supports the fight to end hunger. For every box sold, 10 meals are donated to a child who doesn’t know where his next meal will come from.  

If Rose is more your juice, rest assured that One Hope has you covered – their Rose box donates to women and education. In fact, all of their boxes contribute to an amazing cause. Throughout the celebration of your wedding, you can feel like you’ve done your part in creating a positive impact, and that your celebration is also supporting somebody else. Read more about One Hope, this box and their mission here.


Pajama sets/robes

lavishly lux studio bridesmaidlavishly lux studio bridesmaid


What girl doesn’t love a good robe or new pajama set to curl up in?  Both of these options are a practical accompaniment to our bridesmaids greeting cards and a great addition to your wedding.  In addition to making a super cute photo opportunity, they’re great to inspire loads of bridal events, and by that, we mean spa nights and pajama parties! Your bridesmaids will think of you and all the memories together every time they snuggle up in these. The pajama set comes in a variety of lengths and the robe is just as customizable. 


bridesmaid proposals Lavishly Lux Studio

Beauty subscription boxes are a great way to get a taste for everything the beauty world has to offer.  For just $30 you can give each of your bridesmaids 3 MONTHS worth of Birchbox! Just imagine receiving a box of beauty samples every month. It’s to die for. Who knows, maybe your bridesmaids will find some killer products for the wedding and look amazing.

Also, our greeting card would be a great way to pop the question and tell them the big news!  If you want to see all their gifting options, check out their site here.

Foxblossom Co. Boxes

bridesmaid proposals lavishly lux studios

Lavishly Lux is a proud customer of BOXFOX .  Boxfox allows you to create gift boxes for each of your bridesmaids to be delivered right to their door (or to your own if you prefer).  They offer custom and curated boxes to best suit your shopping experience, plus their customer service is stellar! Check them out here.


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