An incredible couple, Bryce and Raena, tied the inseparable knot. It was a traditional Christian Wedding filled with the aura of love all around. The wedding was perfectly organized by “Adrianna Hughes” from “@eventbyadrianna,” making the day more memorable. Let’s relive the memorable day of this lovely couple from the eyes of a photographer.

We got the opportunity to capture the preparations of the bride & groom. Our team captured everything from wedding dresses to every accessory worn by the lovely couple on their most memorable day. The bride was slaying in a gorgeous white fishtail dress while the groom wore a dark grey tuxedo suit complemented with a black bow tie. After the preparations, we captured the most beautiful bridesmaid wrapped in grape color dresses with the bride, followed by the shooting of the bride before the ceremony.

The phenomenal ceremony was held at the luxurious Tuscan-styled “D’Vine Grace Vineyard.” The ambiance was filled with white color, and the wooden details were embedded in a floral theme. The venue had a staircase attached to the chapel, a gorgeous fountain, and a stunning vineyard, a perfect place to capture the beauty of the day. The couple’s pre-wedding shoot was held in the 20 acres of sprawling, lush greenery exterior of the venue.  The groomsmen were all dressed in black suits. We utilized the full beauty of the venue for to remember this luxury traditional Christian Wedding . The photoshoot was followed by group photos with bridesmaids and groomsmen, family photos, and with friends.

How can we forget about the most magical moment at the entrance? Our beautiful bride Raena with her father walking down the aisle, the huge smile on the groom’s face visibly showed his passion and excitement to meet his soulmate. After them, the bridesmaid and groomsmen came down the aisle and left as couples. 

Our team took as many candid shots as possible to make the event truly memorable. There was a violinist instead of a DJ who played in the chapel as the guests were sitting, the ceremony was going on at its fullest with music, dance, and cracks of laughter, making the day even more memorable. 

At the reception, we had some traditional Christian wedding rituals filled with fun and love. We also captured the unity candle lighting and the amazing shoe game. 

The wedding cake was a white three-tiered with floral decoration and another cake BU’s initials. It was so tempting. There was a father-daughter dance as well with a performance of the groom and bride’s mother. The ceremony ended with everyone having fun.

Our team made sure to capture every bit of the event to make it as memorable as possible. From the bridesmaid and groomsmen group photo to the couple photos, We beautifully captured little and precious things at the perfect timing to capture the best of it. The performance of our lovely couple outside the chapel in the night lights summed up the day, and it charmed the entire venue, with everyone cheering as they left.

That’s it for the breathtaking traditional Christian Wedding of our charming couple Bryce & Raena. It was full of luxury, happiness, love, and blessings. May the years ahead be filled with everlasting joy for the rest of their life.

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