Give a short description of your services.

Touch of Jewel Events & Designs (TOJ) is a wedding & event planning
and wedding invitations & stationery design firm providing services for
your event such as wedding planning, corporate event planning, social
event planning, stationery & invitation designs and business & client
consulting. We service all of Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Atlanta,
California, Minnesota, Missouri, and beyond. We also service clients
outside of the United States looking to have a destination event or
wedding. Established over 7 years ago, and having planned over 150+
weddings and events, one thing that has stayed constant is our ability to
pay close attention to details and ensure that no stones are left unturned.
We also provide wedding invitation and stationery designs for all events
listed above.

What made you want to become a wedding and event planner?

Planning and designing started as a hobby from planning my
wedding. Several weddings and events later planned as a hobby,
I started to see the positive impact I had in people’s life and
marriages and the fact that I was trusted to plan and execute
major life events for people. It quickly became a passion that I
decided to monetize and make into a full-blown business.

How long have you been in business?

About 7 years

Where are you located?

Although we office in Dallas, we also service all of Houston, San Antonio,
Austin, Atlanta, California, Minnesota, Missouri, and beyond. We also
service clients outside of the United States looking to have a destination
event or wedding.

Do you offer different packages or styles?

Yes, we offer several packages depending on the client’s budget
and needs. Our packages range from $2500 to $7500 and we
even offer A La Carte options for clients who want to customize
their own packages. We recently curated an all-inclusive wedding
package for the couple who is very budget conscious and is ok
with not having a variety of vendor options to choose from. This
package starts at $30K for up to 150 guest count which takes
care of every thing the couple needs for their wedding. This
package is offered by one of TOJ Associate Planners.

Describe your perfect or favorite event?

We strive for perfection in all our events, and for us to have
perfection, we ask that our clients trust us. They’ve hired us and
contracted us to bring their ideas together, manage their
budgets, hire professional vendors, design their events and they
need to trust and let us do our job. When clients have that peace
of mind and not try to overstep boundaries and most importantly
listen to our advice; it makes their event perfectly and flawlessly

Tell us about your business?

Jewel Odeyemi is the Owner and Lead Planner and a Certified Wedding &
Event Planner and has a fantastic team of event coordinators and
assistants that work together to create an event that reflects our client’s
style and vision while putting their budget into careful consideration.
Over the past 7 years, she has built a team of more than 8 staff including
Associate Planners, Event Coordinators, Event Assistants and she event
runs an Internship program with Event Interns. With her lead, she and the
team has designed and planned events intimate for as few as 50 guests
for a destination wedding to lavish and luxurious weddings or corporate
conferences for up 1000+ guests.
When it comes down to the logistics of our client’s event and wedding
plans, from our full service planning to the partial service planning and
month of wedding management, Myself and my team of Associate
Planners, Event Coordinators and Event Assistants are there every step of
the way to ensure that the event and wedding you have dreamed of
becomes more than what you envisioned in reality. We have built great
relationships with some of the wedding industry’s finest, professional and
most respected creative partners. We don’t just work with vendors; we
collaborate with our creative partners and treat each and every client like
they are our only client. You can be rest assured that when you hire TOJ
Events & Designs, our team will exceed all of your expectations. All you
need to do is show up on your big day and enjoy the day to the fullest
without having any worry in the world, because TOJ has got it covered!

What inspires you the most?

My children are my greatest inspiration. I strive and work so hard
for my business to be successful because of my 2 boys. I want to

build an empire for them and I want them to know that they can

be entrepreneurs one day. I finished school indebted with student
loans and I vow that my children will not graduate with any
student loans!

Has work/life balance been a challenge as an entrepreneur?

OMG, yes it has!!! I have a husband and 2 little boys. My sons
are 6 (kindergarten) and 4 (preschool) and these are the years
where they want to be in every sport and activities. I also have a
balance who wants a date night whereas my weekends are
devoted to my clients most times. Outside of my family, I also
have organizations that I chair as co-founder or on the board and
I am active in my church community. So yes, balancing all this
with over 20 weddings/events in a year could be a bit
challenging; but here is how I’ve been able to balance it out.
Bringing on my Associate Planners has freed up some of my
time; there are many events that I pass on to them and they
have successfully executed many events without my
involvement. I have also worked hard on keeping a shared
calendar with my husband. There are permanent days and times
that are blocked out for spending time with him every week &
month. He checks the calendar before making any plans and I
also set boundaries with my clients and they know right from the
get go that my family is priority. When I don’t have events, I’m so
selfish with spending that time with my family. Also sharing
about my business and what I do, helps my sons and husband
take more interest and even provide help to me whenever I need

What’s your favorite part of a wedding?

My favorite part is having the officiant pronounce the couple as
man and wife and after that kiss! This is when we as a team
know we have successfully crossed over the hardest hurdle. Now
time for the reception turn up which usually goes so fast so we
always tell our couples to enjoy some moment alone right after
the ceremony. We have had the opportunity to do a lot of ethnic
and cultural weddings and we truly enjoy seeing different cultural
rituals and ceremonies and learning about their symbolism.

What are you typically doing on a night/ weekend off?

Spending time with my family or Netflix and chilling with a glass
of wine with the hubby. Sometimes I may be in a mood to dress
up, get dolled up and hit the city with some girlfriends.

What makes your business unique?

Relationship is very important to us and we’re deeply vested in
all my couples and clients. The relationships built during the

planning process extends way past the event day; these are

relationship developed even with the family members that
consider us family after the event. The feedback we receive from
all of our clients praises us on our efficiency, timeliness,
organizational and effective communication skills. We have also
carved a niche that’s targeted towards Ethnic and Cultural
Weddings. We have had the opportunity to plan weddings
various African cultures like Nigerian, Ghanaian, Sierra Leone,
Cameroonian, South African, Congo, Ivory Coast, and other
countries like Bulgaria, El Salvador, Mexico, Puerto Rico,
Thailand, Vietnam, India and a handful more.

What are your hobbies?

Dancing, Shopping, Traveling, Cooking

What piece of advice would you give every bride about planning her wedding?

Hire a professional wedding planner! This may seem bias; but we
find out that couples who want to stick to a specific budget and
don’t hire a planner end up blowing through that budget. A
professional planner will help you manage your budget
effectively and provide you with the best vendors within your
range that will make it look like you spent more on your wedding.
The key is trust; you have to trust your planner. Also, Be Realistic
with your budget and let your budget determine your guest
count and not the other way around! The average wedding cost
about $350 to $500 per head and in some cases way more than
that; so, choose wisely who you decide to spend that money on.

Visit Jewel’s website at Touch of Jewel Evens & Designs for more information about their services. The images in this article were not taken by Lavishly Lux Studio, and were provided by Fit and Fab Weddings. Visit the link below for more interviews from amazing wedding photographers.

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