May 30, 2020 /

Tools to Help Elevate Your Wedding Photography Brand

As an entrepreneur and wedding photographer, I’m here to tell you that growing your own business is no easy task. That is why whenever I discover tricks of the trade, I am the first to tell my fellow ...


As an entrepreneur and wedding photographer, I’m here to tell you that growing your own business is no easy task. That is why whenever I discover tricks of the trade, I am the first to tell my fellow photographers. This article is centred on just: secrets I’ve uncovered that have helped make my brand what it is today. Keep reading to discover four tools that will help you elevate your wedding photography brand.



The first tool that immensely shaped my brand is Flothemes. If you’re like me, then you probably didn’t have thousands of dollars to devote to building a custom-made website. That is where Flothemes comes in. Flothemes are essentially beautiful WordPress website templates made for photographers. They’re not only reasonably priced, they’re downright gorgeous. Plus, Flothemes WordPress themes were created by photographers for photographers. As wedding photographers, we know that our websites are an extremely important part of our brand. They need to convey who we are as a professional photographer, as well as reflect and showcase our photography style.This means that a clean, minimalist, and beautiful website is a must. There are a whole host of different themes to choose from on Flothemes, meaning you’re pretty much guaranteed to find one that suits you. Every theme comes with a home page, about page, portfolio page, investment page, and blog page. Best of all, every single page is customizable, so you have the option of sticking with the template provided or customizing it to be even more “you.” Another thing I love about Flothemes is that every single template offered is created with SEO in mind. They also provide several complimentary guides about how to further optimize your site’s SEO, such as the best ways to tag your photos. 



By now, practically everyone I know has heard me talk about Flodesk. That is because it completely changed the way I do business and how I communicate with my audience. Flodesk is truly the best email marketing service available today. It is one of the least expensive options out there and yet it offers a massive range of stunning email templates. I have spent hours scrolling through all of the pretty templates Flodesk offers (which are all complimentary with membership). Once you find one you like, you can customize it even further, setting everything from font to color preferences so that each email you send out speaks to your brand. It is also an extremely intuitive program, which makes it easy to use even for those who aren’t exactly tech-savvy. At this point, it takes me less than five minutes to create and schedule an e-blast. It also offers detailed analytics so you can look at metrics, like what percentage of your audience received the email, opened the email, clicked on links in the email, and whether they viewed the email on their desktop or mobile device.



Everyone that knows me knows I am a sucker for a beautiful gift box. Not only are they a lovely gift to receive on a special occasion, but they also make great professional gifts to send to your past clients. Personally, I searched far and wide to find a service I liked best and can now say that BoxFox is by far my favorite. In fact, I love it so much that I send a BoxFox gift basket to all of the clients/couples I work with. BoxFox allows you to create fully personalized gift boxes for any occasion. You can choose from themed boxes, pick your own colors, mix and match, etc. One of my favorite boxes they offer, which I send if a couple of mine is expecting a baby, is the “New Family” box. This may contain items such as a soft plush towel, baby balm, a scented candle that says congratulations, a stuffed animal for the baby, soap, and a small children’s book. Ultimately, BoxFox gift boxes are thoughtful, carefully curated, and allow you to include a heartfelt, handwritten card (which I always do as a little something special). 



I’m going to let you in on the final way you can elevate your wedding photography brand: Dubsado. Dubsado is a business management tool that has seriously been my saviour. As my business started growing, it was impossible to keep up with all the different meetings and appointments between my team and my clients. That is where Dubsado comes in. Dubsado is a client management system built specifically with creative freelancers in mind. It is designed to cut out the busywork, instead helping you create processes that work for you and that streamline your day to day workflow. How exactly does Dubsado do this? Through the amazing features they offer! I’m talking about email integration, to-do lists, contracts, invoicing, calendar sync, payment schedules, bookkeeping, and more. Seriously, there is almost nothing that Dubsado can’t do. Not only has this been instrumental in helping me get organized enough to effectively grow Lavishly Lux into what it is today, but it won’t blow your budget out of the water. Dubsado offers a free trial to new customers and even after that’s come to an end, it’s only $35 per month or $350 per year.


There you have it! My top four tools for growing your wedding photography brand. I hope this list has inspired you to expand your business in all sorts of new and exciting ways. Got questions about me or Lavishly Lux Studio? I’d love to hear from you! Click here to contact me today.