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Building a brand is a difficult thing to do and B2B collaborations and networking are a great place to start!  Wedding photography is a competitive business and word of mouth and referrers can take you from best-kept secret to wedding warrior and we want to share one of our secrets to take you to the next level.


Do you remember when you were little and after a birthday party your mom would make you write thank you cards to everyone?  Maybe you dragged your feet a bit. But as an adult, it comes full circle when you receive one of those cards and it just makes you smile.


“Thank you” can change everything.  So why not bring it into your business?


Our business has grown exponentially and we are eternally grateful.  Lavishly Lux’s success isn’t from a singular source. It’s due to the brides, grooms and vendors who have been pleased with our work.  Our couples are our foundation and we feel so privileged they trust us with capturing their special day.  Not to mention the vendors referring us to their couples – they are truly responsible for our success.


To say thank you, we crafted an internal initiative so we could let them know how much we cherish them.


To show our appreciation, we began working with one of our favorite Etsy shops – Foxblossom Co. (they have now moved off Etsy and into their own e-shop).  We are completely obsessed with their brand and products! We have been keeping a list of who referred us and started periodically sending a thank you gift.


It makes our hearts smile knowing that this surprise makes their day just a little more special.


Thank you Foxblossom Co. for being apart of our feel-good project.  If you are looking for a way to say thank you and network, try this method and see just how far it can take you!

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