Surviving Endometriosis

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis 2 years ago. Since then, I’ve had 3 surgeries.It’s important to discuss life events, to learn from each other as strong women, mothers and professionals. This is why I like to talk about my journey, to inspire others to know that there is always a way out.


Due to my condition, one of my surgeries was a hysterectomy, and even if I wanted to have more children at some point, I needed to move forward with it.  Emotionally, I think this was one of my biggest challenges to overcome. It’s tough when feeling something is being taken from you, especially when longing have a bigger family. It truly felt like I had no other options.


I like to say I created my dream job and then I was diagnosed because these are two counterparts– a negative and a positive. I remember standing for multiple hours shooting at weddings and would come home in pain and remain in pain during the next day and not know what was going on. I was happy about my success, but in pain as well.


Endometriosis is a painful disorder in which the tissue that lines the inside of the uterus, grows on the outside. This causes a lot of overall pain, painful periods, anxiety, migraines, and infertility. 


Yes, my condition did not permit me to enjoy my dream job, it was tough, not only because of the pain, but it ended up creating such a level of doubt within me that I ended up questioning my ability to succeed in my career as a creative photographer.

However, I needed to move forward. And being a mother and a woman… I believe we will always take care of others before ourselves, I needed to think about my family and children.

So I took a step forward, put on my boxing gloves and fought my way through it.


It’s been a ride.


A ride that has not led me to stop dreaming, even if my doubts were bigger than my motivation at some point in the process.


I think many of us go through tough experiences that may bring us down. 

But, I’m here to tell you to not give up on your dreams! It sounds a bit corny, but this is coming from someone who’s been through it. Despair might kick in, sure, but we are powerful enough to be able to get through our missions and stay inspiring ourselves and others.