If you’re just engaged, congrats! You’re probably already doing your own research,
browsing products and services, and more. Yes! The lists you’ve been making are now
scattered everywhere. So, I just want to remind you of a few points you cannot miss.

wedding planning checklist
Draw up a budget
You need to know what you’re working with. Stick to your budget and only make
concessions if absolutely necessary.

Start working on your guest list
Sure, you might meet new people in a year, but working with the guest list is so important
just before starting. Don’t forget anyone and their plus ones.

Wedding venues & ceremony locations, book it!
Research and book with time. Especially if the wedding takes place during the high season.

Don’t forget the photographer
Research photographers in your area and view galleries. We are very booked, so contact us

Research options for decoration
Plan decoration on several Pinterest boards, be clear on expectations, budget, and

Send Save the Date cards with time
So important! Particularly if planning a destination wedding. Give your guests time to
organize their schedules.

Book the Honeymoon
Research and book. Taking time on this is essential. You don’t want to be thinking about the
details right after the ceremony. You just want to leave!

Get to the Desserts
Plan desserts and catering with time.

Wedding Dress Shopping Prior to 6 Months
6 months prior to the wedding day in some bridal stores is considered rushed and fees will
apply. Research and shop before this time-frame.

Wedding Transport
Book reliable wedding transport. We love a little drama, but you don’t want to be too late

With that being said, time is essential, and a year of planning can go by quicker than you
think. Do research, book venues and go dress shopping. But most importantly, enjoy!
Good luck with planning your wedding day.