Wedding Dress

Hey! Misha here. Today I’d like to discuss a few quick tips on choosing the perfect wedding

This is one of the most important, if not “the” most important part of your planning. You
probably have a ton of references on your phone, saved photos, Pinterest boards, yeah. You
got it covered. But when heading into the actual wedding dress picking, it can go either
way, so let’s get into a couple of my favorite tips for choosing the perfect dress:

#1: Do the Research.

You probably already got this covered. But, in the case you’re waiting until you get to the
bridal store, my advice is: Have some clear options of what you like down, it’ll save you
time and stress.

#2: Be Open to Options.

You might have a single silhouette in mind, fabric or the overall feel of the dress. Remember
that you are not too late to try something new, be open to other styles!

#3: Bring your Squad.

Bring the best squad, actually. Not only the ones with honest opinions… The ones that’ll
make you feel loved & appreciated. Sure, your mom and sister are important, but if you feel
more comfortable with just friends maybe, bring them along!

#4: Shop early, but not too early.

Wedding planning can take up to a year. Shop for your wedding dress with time, but not too
much time, because a lot can happen in a year, like changing your mind, body shape, styles,

#5: Make the Appointment.

If you’ve chosen a designer bridal store, dresses won’t be displayed for you to browse on
your own, you’ll need to make an appointment with a consultant beforehand.

#6: What Describes your Dream dress?

Make a list of 3-5 words that describe your dream dress to help you narrow down your
options and how you want to feel when you know it’s the one.

#7: Pick a Silhouette:

You might be comfortable or have always dreamed of a single silhouette, this can help
narrow down options as well.

#8: The Fabric

Paying attention to the fabric is so important! Think about how you want the dress to
flatter you. Remember that more structured materials will hold its shape and smooth your
figure, and less structured fabrics will give you a flowy feel.

Ready to go bridal dress shopping?  – Lavishly Lux