Tales of A Professional Wedding Guest PART 1 - Romantic Comedies Got it All Wrong. 1 Dallas Wedding Photographer

I like to say: “Your wedding is what you make it.” But, sometimes, nerves, stress, and craving only perfection is just the recipe for disaster.


A better recipe is going into your wedding day knowing you’ll have the time of your life, with the person you love, and I promise everything will be alright.


If we go deeper into the subject, who is to blame for these picture-perfect weddings and marriage expectations we have? Yup. Fairytales and movies.


As a professional wedding guest, movies get proven wrong every single time I attend a wedding. Think about it this way:  Real people (not actors), live real lives. In reality, things can take unexpected turns, but not like in movies, it’s never like in the movies. Stuff happens.


Picture this: A perfect reception, with the perfect dress, about 5 bridesmaids, gorgeous flowers and over 300 hundred guests. Do you picture, movie, and magazine-like photos in your mind? Well, that’s because movies are supposed to look like this. Real weddings, on the other hand, are charming events, however, they are the reflection of what you created.

Honestly, expectations shouldn’t be measured by TV and movie ideals. It is the story that is being told in your marriage what counts, the context, though important, is just the circumstance. No matter the budget, make it yours! It’s your wedding day and nobody else’s.


In the end, that’s what makes it special.