Are y’all looking for a super creative, convenient, and elegant way to send gift boxes to family and friends? Well BoxFox is the company to try. BoxFox allows you to create personalized gift boxes and send them as a token of appreciation, symbol of love, or a “just because” gift. Whatever your gifting needs are, BoxFox has you covered. I always send a gift box to all of my clients/couples and it’s been a great experience thus far. You can choose from themed boxes, pick your own colors, mix and match, etc. For example, if a couple of mine is expecting, I love to send them a “New Family” box! This may contain items like a soft plush towel, baby balm, a scented candle that says congrats, a stuffed animal for the baby, soap, a small children’s book, and a few other items that are particularly useful for expecting moms. 


It’s perfect because they have so many offers to choose from. They also have champagne-themed boxes, bourbon-themed boxes, food-themed, everything! As a wedding photographer, I like to show my gratitude for anyone who selects me to capture those beautiful moments of their wedding. I don’t have any shipping problems, customer service is always very professional, and my clients/couples are always very happy with what I’ve selected. I can find something that fits the bride and the groom. You can also include a cute handwritten note to the person you’re sending the gift box to. I highly recommend that other wedding professionals select BoxFox  for their gifts if they really want to impress their clients and show that they care. I have a discount code for any business owners or anyone in general who’d like to order a box for someone they love, contact me for more info. Happy shopping guys!


Perfecting Your Wedding Client Gifts