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As a kid, candy was more than a treat. I loved it! So of course I had to give my Candytopia Review.  I wasn’t much of a chocolate eater but Jelly Beans, Skittles, Candy Straws and almost anything fruit flavored caught my attention. I think I preferred candy over any other type of junk food. I didn’t care much for pies or cookies.  Nowadays my metabolism us much different so I tend to go for veggies over candy, but occasionally the urge comes.

Danisha contacted me and wanted to do a photoshoot for her 30th birthday, her theme and place of choice was Candytopia. For those who are unaware, Candytopia is a 4 month interactive art installation featuring flavors and colors of your favorite sweet treats. There are over a dozen rooms, each with a separate candy theme! So of course, excitement went through the roof. I agreed and didn’t have much of an expectation. I wasn’t allowed to bring lighting so my equipment for the day only included my camera, speedlight and of course a prime lens.

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So! The first thing, and most important, most rooms have free candy. I don’t mean one or two pieces, I mean as much as you can grab. It would be a good idea to bring a bag or big purse to get your $30.00’s worth of candy ( ticket prices are $30 for adults and $23 for kids). I think it’s totally worth it! The rooms are kiddy, but it’s also fun for adults and perfect for a date night. It takes about an hour to get through all of the rooms.

Each room has a separate themes with candy sculptures and cool lighting. Some rooms have actors to tell the story for that theme. I don’t consider myself much of a big kid, but I had a great time. The candy sculptures were amazing and well crafted. A few popular paintings were crafted with Jelly Beans, my favorite was the Prince painting ( somehow, I didn’t get a picture).

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candytopia review

I have only one criticism, there were no Jelly Beans ( unless I missed them). A fair number of sculptures and paintings were made of Jelly Beans. Other than that it was pretty amazing! My favorite room was the candy coated unicorn pig room. The pigs shower you with confetti, I won’t give away too much detail! My second favorite would have to be the marshmallow room.

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My positive Candytopia Review is based on how different and unique my experience was, I often look for things to do in Dallas that’s a little out of the norm. Although Dallas is a big city, it can be a challenge to find something to do that’s more creative and artsy. If you love art and candy, you’ll love Candytopia.

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Candytopia is fun for the entire family, curated by Hollywood Candy Queen Jackie Sorkin, realized by master fabricator Zac Hartog, and brought to life by life-long retailer, John Goodman. For me, it was something unique and different to do in the Dallas area, and a great photo backdrop. To find more on Candytopia and buy tickets (buying tickets in advanced is preferred) , visit their website.

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