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Misha Wynn here. I'm a Dallas Wedding Photographer and southern gal, full of passion for all things creative, spontaneous and bursting with love. Art is my thing, when I'm behind the camera, I'm inspired to capture God's greatest gift – LOVE.

I encourage my client's to push the envelope. I push for three things during our time together. Be different. Be spontaneous. Be in love. I am a firm believer in the transcendent power of love, capable of being perceived in the most trying times, from ailments to tragedies. Love motivates me to capture God's greatest gift in its purest form



Nigerian born and American raised, I get the best of both worlds baby! I am a Dallas wedding photographer, and it has been a love of mine for years.

My work gives me the opportunity to traditionally photograph the intimate passing moments that reflect the human experience & I am beyond grateful.



I am a Dallas wedding photographer & videographer. My mother passed away when I was a teenager and realized I hardly had any pictures of her. This was the inspiration to photographing. I did not want anyone else to feel all they had left was mental memories of their loved ones.

Inspiration for Weddings: I love LOVE! It's the most beautiful thing to see two people who are absolutely in LOVE. I love capturing those "looks" whether its how a groom looks at his bride for the first time as she walks down the aisle, the look of how a woman lets herself be free because she knows she is safe and protected in her fiance's arms during an engagement session, or the look of a bride seeing herself as a bride and realizing that her world is about to change forever! These are the moments that happen so quickly but can bring back so many emotions and feelings when captured in a photograph.



I'm Kara, a Austin based wedding videographer who's full of skunk and adventure. There are so many moments that we wish we can revisit or that we wish we would have appreciated a little more. as a wedding videographer, I have the ability to give you an opportunity to relive one of the greatest moments you life.



Atlanta - based Wedding and Portrait Photographer who likes to travel and experience priceless moments.

I've always been a storyteller- long before photography crossed my path.. Creative expression was something I always valued. Learning that I could express myself without speaking. Until I found my voice through a lens.

Capturing organic moments through my clients expression of love, has been the most rewarding moments of my life. There is no doubt that photography is the love of my life, but traveling is also the blood in my veins. I am endlessly amazed at the imperfect mountain ranges and the unpredictable ocean waves.

When I think of love; I know its exploration and adventure. I am excited for each sun rise, sunset, and to hear the whispers of the world.



I'm Adina! Hopefully your next choice for a wedding photographer, but we'll get to that later, let me introduce myself! Originally from Baltimore, currently residing in Vegas. Every session I have with a new couple brings excitement and a unique experience for both me and them!

With over 11 years of experience, I promise not to disappoint. I’ve been featured in Martha Stewart, The Knot and Muna Luchi. I'd like to say my style is timeless, classic, and romantic. I have a love for film photography and documenting the memories of everyone I have the pleasure of working with. Love, happiness, and creativity are my passions, allow me to capture yours!


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