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Losing Someone Every Day: How I Cope with my Mother’s Alzheimer’s Diagnosis:

Life is sometimes no walk in the park, but we live it, trying our best to succeed in the greater purpose were here to fulfill. My mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s years ago and I’ve learned many things about life and appreciating my own and others’ much more than we normally do. Each experience is different from the other, but I’d like to discuss this for anyone else going through this. Let’s take some time to learn from experiences such as these.


Having a loved one with Alzheimer’s feels like losing them every day. Memory begins to slip. Anyone and everyone around them begins to feel a sense of long-term loss. It’s not like losing someone just once, it happens every single day. And this is when I learned that living life with purpose, is the only thing that will make us last in a definitive way, because in some cases, not even the happiest memories can take you back. Studies show that in some cases, Alzheimer’s patients live longer than their caretakers, which is extremely stressful and saddening for the family members around them. 

At the moment, my mother is going into the stage very similar to a 3-year-old. There aren’t any typical conversations anymore and on many occasions, she doesn’t recognize me or know my name. She’s there and at the same time… she isn’t. Alzheimer’s puts things into perspective. There’s no cure here. There’s no reverse. There is only going back in time while years move forward.


Is it saddening? Sure it is. However, I am trying to bring a sense of reality into a creative’s life. Due to social media, we always believe that everything is alright and that life is all pretty pink. It would be a nice exercise to learn about our favorite artists’, professionals’ and successful peoples’ we follow backgrounds. 


Taking care of my mother has taught me many things about life and how to appreciate it, while appreciating my job, my dreams, family, and friends. It has inspired me to be the best creative I can be.