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Even more Love Notes
LLS does exceptional work! Your moments will be captured from beginning to end. You couldn't ask for better service or quality.
Thank you for capturing photos intentionally... and not just for volume! As we look through the photos that you have shared with us... we are able to see some of the moments of our family and friends we missed during our wedding day because we were so caught up in our own "love high"! Thank you for providing me with pieces of memories that we will be able to cherish for a lifetime!!!
Maribel Moore
I have to say, I have worked with Lavishly Lux three times and it's good when you get the same thing as the first time!!! Your team was awesome!!!
I look forward to working with you'll in the near near future! Your work....smh I am going to have to pull out the thesaurus to describe it!!! Thank you for working with us the entire day because we know everyone is different and it's good to see flexible professional photographers like yourself. We love it and love you!!!
Leonardo Washington

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