Working in an industry that lets me be part of someone’s love story is one of my favorite parts of my job. That loving feeling doesn’t just stop at the couples I photograph.  I absolutely love Dallas Sheraton Hotel Weddings. A bridal session is sometimes just as touching. Watching a bride on her important day, feeling and looking amazing makes the photos so special and a really special keepsake for the bride (and groom) later on.


When I get to dial up the love, luxury and glam with a shoot just with the bride I am in heaven. That’s where Jilyian came in. Jilyian (@jilyiandelesia) is a local Dallas influencer and when I met with her and heard about her vision for her dress and wedding I knew she was a great candidate for a Dallas bridal session. The moment I met Jilyian I knew her sense of style was going to be a perfect fit, it takes a lot of confidence to pull off dramatic bridals


I wouldn’t expect anything less than a stunning wedding venue for Jilyian and Christian’s luxury southern style wedding.  We chose to shoot her bridals at her venue, perfect for photographing Dallas Sheraton Hotel . The breathtaking floor to ceiling windows were beautiful and didn’t completely take over Jilyian. The venue perfectly complimened her Rita Vinieris gown.


Jilyian originally found her gown at the Atlanta bridal shop, Bridals by Lori. Knowing the origin of her dramatic gown and her desire for a southern wedding, I knew I wanted to capture that in the photos. The bridals looking over the city scape allowed us to catch the charm of Atlanta while also honoring her home of Dallas. When I saw she had also chosen a long Francois veil by Toni Ferici, I knew the backlight from the windows was going to make for some stunning photos by highlighting the veil and gown, but also Jilyian’s figure.


Bridals, and especially glammed up bridals, can feel overwhelming to some brides. Being the only subject in front of a camera isn’t as natural as Jilyian makes it look. If you are looking for a perfect way to remember your day, dress and the way you felt I would encourage you to schedule a bridal session. I’m here to guide you and make you feel at ease and confident.