I’m a single mother turning 40 this year. Don’t get me wrong, I love myself, my family and my job. However, as an entrepreneur, I’m basically married to my ideas, my projects, and my lovely clients.


If you’re an entrepreneur yourself, you know that you’re in a very-much committed relationship with your business, and that’s alright!


But there are times in which anxiety and stress kick in and you realize that you need to take a break and start meeting new people. Maybe it’s dating. Maybe it’s just going out and just have a good time!

Cause honestly, family and work can overwhelm us, and it’s OK to accept that. Even if your schedule is packed on the weekends like mine is (a wedding photographer),  you should still be open to the possibility of going out and meeting new people. It’s not impossible, girls!


First: Accepting that work and family are not the only things that define you! Yeah, you really need to think about chilling out and meeting new people. I promise you, your creativity will spark after a nice date or form a night out on the town. You’ll feel energized, lighter, and ready to take on any challenge.


Second: I believe that creativity is fueled by living from different perspectives each time you get a chance. What I mean is, even just going out for a drink or brunching with the girls, that break you take from work, will have you feeling inspired. Sometimes, “not thinking”, is actually a good practice.


Third: Let if flow. ‘Cause if you’re just looking to desperately go on a date or meet new people, and it’s just not happening, it shouldn’t be another reason for you to stress about. Once you let go, new opportunities and people start pouring in. If it’s still not the time, then take some time off for yourself.  Head to the spa, call up a good friend, go get some coffee, or turn on some chill music, grab a book and drink some wine. Easy!


Fourth: Ok, so you actually went on a date. You put on that amazing outfit you had waiting in the closet, you’re feeling yourself. When on the date, put the phone down, no work talk!

Talk about other things that define you. Your hobbies, what you’re looking for in a relationship, hopes, and dreams. Just have a good time! You deserve it!


BTW…Also, if you work weekends, that’s no excuse to not go out on happy hour during the weekdays. just saying!