Tags Over Everything: How Instagram Tagging Has Built My Brand


If you need a little help getting those numbers and visibility up on Instagram, I’m your girl. I experienced a great amount of growth when I realized that tagging on Instagram is actually a great strategy to earn followers, engagement, and credibility!


I’m a wedding photographer. So, I’m usually touring different locations, meeting different people, coordinators, couples & their friends, venues, all of that good stuff.

The types of tagging I mostly use: Hashtags, other accounts, and location tags.


Let’s break it down:


HASHTAGS: I choose the most relevant hashtags, depending on each post. However,  I don’t use the most popular hashtags because I know my post will most likely get drowned. Why? Because if I use the #love (this is relevant) hashtag, which has over a billion posts, my posts will never be pushed up to anyone’s feed. The solution here is to research hashtags that are relevant but don’t have many posts under them.


TAG OTHER ACCOUNTS: I meet many different people. Couples or coordinators I work with end up being great contacts. During or after weddings, I like to tag them in my stories as well as in my posts. That way, they will share it on their accounts (because who doesn’t want to share cool photos from their amazing day) and how my work. Two birds with one stone!


LOCATIONS & VENUES: There are two ways of tagging this way:

*By locations: If I have to travel somewhere else, I can tag the location so that people in that area find my posts.

*By Venues: If the venue has a location on the map, I can definitely use that to my advantage. Other people that are interested in that venue, will check the shared posts and find my work.


My Instagram numbers grew a lot by using different types of tags on my Instagram accounts. The results speak for themselves. Don’t forget to tag!