If you want a religious ceremony that will be a wedding to remember, one of the best (and most popular) venues is Highland Park United Methodist Church. While this is a very popular venue, there are some things that you need to know before you decide to have your wedding here. You will have to make some concessions and follow more rules than you may be used to in order to hold your wedding at this location.

Who Can Have Their Weddings At Highland Park United Methodist Church?

There are a large number of events at HPUMC every year, so they are quite strict about who will be able to have their weddings at the venue. According to their website, only members can reserve event space ahead of time, and dates can be held for up to one week. They say that “members” include the bride or groom, parents or grandparents of the bride or groom, or children of the bride or groom. They must have been members of HPUMC for more than a year at the time of scheduling. Non-members can schedule more than six months prior to the ceremony and cannot schedule during the month of December. Weddings are not scheduled on Sundays for anyone. 


In order to have your wedding at the venue, you need to meet with the minister a few times before the actual wedding date. 

Pertinent Information About Highland Park United Methodist Church

You can have a wedding of up to 800 people in the Sanctuary and up to 180 in Cox Chapel. You will have to follow very strict rules and ensure that every member of your wedding party knows about the rules as well.

Many people choose HPUMC because of just how beautiful the location is and how special it feels to have your wedding in this house. 

The Music Has Strict Requirements

If you plan to have your wedding at Highland Park United Methodist Church, you should know that the music must follow strict rules. At the wedding, the music must be focused on God, giving praise to God, and giving thanks. Love songs should be reserved for the reception.

There is an organist at the wedding venue who can plan a wide variety of songs. Only organists from Highland Park UMC are allowed to play the organ. You can bring your own vocalists into the venue or hire someone recommended by the venue – and they should be ready to perform at a rehearsal.

Hear The Bells

Another reason so many people want to have their weddings at Highland Park UMC is because they have a beautiful set of bells. Bells have been used to highlight significant events in a community – and they are loud. At the end of a wedding service, couples can have the bells activated so that everyone in the nearby area will hear about the joyous occasion. Guests will stream out to the sounds of the bells as well.

The bells can also be played before the wedding so that guests can hear them as they arrive – the bells play for up to 30 minutes.

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