Love is in the air! I can’t tell y’all how much I love weddings that include beautiful elements of the couple’s culture and traditions. I had the pleasure of being a guest at a traditional Kenyan wedding that was so jam-packed with music, dancing, and genuine love from friends and family. The newlyweds, Anthony and Irene were married at an absolutely stunning venue, The Highland Park Presbyterian Church, located in Dallas, TX. Some churches do not allow the use of photography, flashes or lighting, but at this particular venue we were permitted to capture every sentimental and loving aspect of their ceremony. This awe- inspiring location came with gorgeous brightly-colored stained glass windows and a classic and elegant atmosphere for their special day. Did I mention that the landscape was perfect? They also showcased many of their wonderful customs and practices which were so beautifully sprinkled throughout the ceremony.


Anthony and Irene hold God at the center of their union, with their religious beliefs being near and dear to their hearts. The reception was held at the biblical arts museum, also located in Dallas, and I love that place! Rich with history and full of biblical- themed art from Judaism and Christianity, it was such a unique and classy venue to hold the “after party”, and it was definitely a party (my feet still hurt)! They not only danced the night away, they smiled, cried, laughed, and embraced one another with a joy so pure, it was breathtaking. Prior to the ceremony, it is a Kenyan Wedding tradition to have the women from the groom’s family present gifts to the bride at her home. Afterward, women from both families then escort her to the wedding, which was a beautiful display of love and unity. I can’t thank Anthony and Irene enough for giving me the opportunity to chronicle their celebration of love through my passion of photography. May the love of Christ secure you two for an eternity, LavishlyLux.