Meet Marcus and Carla! A super cute, fun, and edgy couple that had a unique and scenic wedding! I took so many beautiful pictures, the venue was perfect and so were they. The wedding was held at Hidden Waters, located in Waxahachie, TX. This venue has an elegant Tuscan-style setting with an outdoor and indoor facility. There were beautiful tall trees everywhere and the whole ambiance was so serene and relaxed, perfect place to get married! Nature was definitely our friend that day, as we used this huge garden as the backdrop for some really amazing pictures. Their wedding was held outside and the reception was held inside. 


Shout out to A’Sheka Jordan from Beyond Posh for working her magic with the planning and decor! The layout was stunning. Heading inside for the reception, Shayes Decoration had it on lock! Did y’all see those gorgeous centerpieces? The floral arrangement was so classy and the white flower bouquets really tied the interior decoration together with a huge elegant bow. I mean, from top to bottom, left to right, Marcus and Carla had a bomb wedding. To top their night off, as they were walking out, the guests at the wedding held sparklers along the walkway, such a cute touch. It was exciting, full of love, and a perfect way to end their celebration. I loved every minute of this wedding! The food was great, the music was on point and I’m sure y’all can tell from the pics that the dancing and singing was in full effect! Their families and friends showed out and partied the night away with the newlyweds. A huge thank you to Marcus and Carla for selecting LavishlyLux to capture eternal memories from their special day, you guys looked amazing!

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