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Mastering Marketing for Wedding Vendors

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Having your own business and being your own boss is a dream come true for millions. Now, here’s the secret, how do you become successful at it? Below are the steps and tools you will need to successfully market your skills, your brand and your business.   It is well known that social media can work wonders as a marketing tool. But did you know there are dozens of additional avenues to get the word out? With less than an hour a day, (or do it all in one sitting) you can get the channels of free advertising working for you. Focusing on the wedding photography business the following steps will render you a master at the art of free marketing.

  1. Submit Your Work
    1. Create a list of wedding blogs. There are hundreds; try not to focus on only the most popular. Having your work featured on a wedding blog is a great way to reach your target audience.
    2. Find the editors of these sites and connect with them. You may find them on Google+, Linkedin, and Twitter for example. This gives them an opportunity to see your work multiple times.
      1. Write a personal note to the editor. Tell them why your submission will be attractive to their audience.
      2. Don’t forget to say thank you even if they decline your submission.
    3. One item to note: A lot of the larger blogs are exclusive meaning if they feature your shoot or wedding then they do not want other blogs to feature the same material. Don’t submit to too many at once; they will typically let you know if they choose to feature you or not.
    4. Remember to focus on submitting to the blogs that fit your brand.
    5. Make sure your submissions are right for the season. A winter-themed wedding submitted for a June blog won’t garner much interest.
    6. Write a compelling story about the couple. Who doesn’t love a unique or interesting wedding tale?! Don’t forget the details: invitations, flowers, trinkets, cake, food, the band and the honeymoon destination. The more of the five senses you can hit the better.
    7. Always provide vendor information if you are published. Your vendors will definitely share your feature on their website and social media if you give them credit.
    8. Tools like Two Bright Lights make these tasks easier for a price. You can upload images one time and than submit to multiple blogs at once.
      1. The down side to using a service like Two Bright Lights is it makes it a little more challenging to develop personal relationships with editors and relationships with editors are important for establishing reoccurring marketing opportunities.


  1. Be Your Own PR Person
    1. Create a great story about your business; include why you are different and why you stand out. Once you have crafted a great story, go ahead and submit it to local media outlets as well. The county newspaper, the local events calendar, a weekly magazine– hit them all!
    2. Contact your local or favorite blogs, (fashion, lifestyle) as well as local media and ask for an interview. It may be helpful to develop a list of questions that you’ve already answered to make their job a little easier.
    3. Local publications might be willing to swap advertising for photographing events. It can’t hurt to ask!
    4. Here is something you may not have thought about: If you get published make sure your audience knows. Share on social media and send an alert to the highlighted vendors and have them share too. This shows the blog that viewers love to see your content.
    5. Wedding blog sites love great advice (“how to” articles, expert advice tips). Write a few such articles and share these with your favorite wedding blogs. This will help develop your brand and label you as an expert.
    6. Submit those same articles to local media outlets.


  1. A Freebee Can Equal Cash
    1. Volunteer your photographer talents at non-profit events. Even if they have hired a photographer, let them know you would love to come and provide your services for free.
    2. Make sure to give out cards and provide an option for images to be viewed or purchased online.
    3. Sponsor local bridal events.
    4. Have a cause you believe in, than donate and volunteer your time. You will feel satisfied and may make the connection of a lifetime.


  1. Network
    1. Build relationships with local business professionals who can generate business for your business.
    2. Ask to sponsor their event. A sponsorship can simply be providing snacks or setting up a photo booth for guests.
    3. Comment on other professionals, vendors and business blogs.
    4. Email images to local vendors. Send cake shots to bakeries for example.
    5. Upload images to Facebook and tag them.
    6. Send thank you gifts for referrals. We use Boxfox

This list may seem daunting at first but literally just take one step at a time, even if it means cutting and pasting step one on your weekly ‘To Do’ list. Once you get a folder of quality shots and a good 500—700 word blog together, you will just keep sending these out to multiple sources. It gets easier and easier with practice. Now go forth and unleash you own inner master-marketer grasshopper!


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