You all must hear that “Marriages are made in Heaven,” but I considered myself fortunate enough to witness an event that strengthened my belief in this great saying. When two people are meant to be together, the differences don’t really matter. This is what I saw on the big day of Natasha & Roy; besides having a lot of cultural differences, they both really made a beautiful couple. The eternal love of this charming couple reached the destination in the surroundings of a stunning and fascinating venue, the “Fort Worth Botanic Garden.” The place is rich in natural beauty, a spectacular garden with blooming flowers and lush greenery. It is indeed a live assemblage of art and nature.

It was a mixed-cultures wedding perfectly organized by Donna McClendon. Our team set up for the shoot with the first look of Natasha & Roy. Roy, suited in a white shirt with blue suit white her most alluring and graceful lady “Natasha” wore an elegant Indian dress. She was all dressed up with traditional jewelry, bangles, and dark stained henna on her hand. It was such a delight to capture the moments of Natasha & Roy.

Subsequently, there was a ceremony in which the rituals were performed. It was a Christian wedding in Indian attire. But, hats off to the Bride’s choice of colors. That white Indian dress flawlessly suited her while saying the vows in the Christian tradition. After vows, they exchange “warmalaas,” which are derived from Indian wedding traditions. Seeing this Eastern-Western combo was not less than a treat for our eyes. Our team, at their best, captured every scene vigilantly.

Our team started to take family photos right after the ceremony in Fort Worth Botanic Garden. The ladies from Natasha’s side opted for the saree or choli, while Roy’s family had a little bit of western touch in their clothing. It was a small event; only close ones or family members were invited to the ceremony. Again, our team didn’t disappoint and took full advantage of this scenic venue by capturing mesmerizing shoots of Natasha & Roy.

Natasha’s second look is the most discussed here; she slew in the dress she chose for the reception. Pink and orange ghagra choli of Indian style complimented Roy’s blue dress very well. We have covered photographs of Natasha & Roy for the reception, and the background had large red and yellow flowers on the canvas of a white painted wall.

After that, the fantastic couple entered the reception. Natasha & Roy meet and greet with their guest, and we have captured the giggles and happiness of those beautiful faces. The aura was filled with happiness and joy at the reception. Natasha and Roy cut their delicious wedding cake. It was a white two-tiered cake with floral orange and pink decoration, which seemed delicious indeed!

That’s all about the wedding of Natasha & Roy. I hope you enjoyed reading about their big day. It was a dream wedding full of happiness, love, and blessings in a decent venue- Fort Worth Botanic Garden. Wishing them the same joy, compassion, and obsession for the rest of their lives. May this Adorable couple will last forever!

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