June 1, 2020 /

Flothemes: The Top 3 Features I Love

As a wedding photographer, there is nothing I love more than a beautiful website. After all, how else are my clients going to get to know my style? These days, having a website and social media that i...


As a wedding photographer, there is nothing I love more than a beautiful website. After all, how else are my clients going to get to know my style? These days, having a website and social media that is on point is everything. That is where Flothemes comes in. Flothemes market themselves as “stunning WordPress themes for photographers,” and they truly are just that! Flothemes offers wedding photographers like myself an easy, affordable, and stylish way to build a website that reflects your brand. Keep reading to learn what my top three favorite Flothemes features are. 


  1. Flothemes Lets You Customize Your Website

First off, let me say this: yes, Flothemes are set WordPress templates, but that doesn’t mean that your website is going to look exactly like everyone else’s. The reason for this is two fold. First, Flothemes has plenty of different templates to choose from (I’m not just talking about 2 or 3, I’m talking about upwards of 20). Second, even once you choose a template, there are still plenty of ways you can customize it to distinguish your website from any other brand that may also use Flothemes. This is in large part due to Flex Block, one of my favorite Flothemes features. Flex Block was designed to improve freedom and flexibility for website owners, and it does just that. Flex Block is a visual builder that allows you to create your own “blocks” in any given Flothemes template. In essence, this gives you complete control over your website’s layout. The best part is, there are no coding skills required! Flex Block is as easy as dragging and dropping.


  1. Flothemes Integrates Your Social Media Accounts with Your Website

Let’s be honest, the days of users typing in your website URL directly into their internet browser or signing up for an RSS of your blog are a thing of the past. When it comes to your digital presence, it’s all about social media. Flothemes understands this, which is why they have so many amazing features that let you integrate your website with your social media accounts. They have a whole variety of plugins that link the two, which will help you do everything from drive traffic to your website from social media, or display the most stunning images on your Instagram feed live on your website homepage. While there are plenty of fantastic social media plugins you can add to your site for a small fee (Jetpack Sharing, Ultimate Social Deux, and Mashshare, to name a few), FloSocial, Flothemes’ in-house social media plug-in is a great first step. FloSocial is a simple and very easy to figure out tool that instantly connects your Instagram account and your website. It is hands down one of Flothemes most popular features, and as such, they allow you to use it in multiple areas of your website. For example, you can choose to have your Instagram feed displayed via a footer layout, a widget, a shortcode, or a Guttenberg block – the possibilities are endless! 


  1. Flothemes Can Do the Work For You

Is your day to day work schedule already jam packed? As an entrepreneur, I can totally relate. This brings me to the third and final Flothemes feature I love: they can do the work for you! If you don’t have time to play around with WordPress templates, why not enlist the master creatives behind Flothemes to create your website for you. Flothemes offers three “Site Setup” packages, all of which are extremely well priced (especially considering hiring someone to build a custom website from scratch can cost thousands). Flothemes’ Simple Setup Package is ideal for new website owners who maybe aren’t the most tech-savvy. This option leaves all the technical setup work to the Flothemes professionals. It includes WordPress installation, theme installation, demo setup, the website launch, and more. The second package is The Advanced Setup Package, Flothemes’ most popular choice. It is suited to new starters and existing website owners, and includes more advanced help like one to one email support, WordPress or SquareSpace transfer, page layouts built, and site layout setup. Finally, for those looking to have Flothemes do all the work, consider their Pro Setup Package, which is as comprehensive as it gets. I’m talking about speed optimization, brand style kit implementation, SEO consultation calls, and multiple screen sharing sessions. Prices start at $249.00 and go up to $999.00, but trust me, it’ll be worth it!