Dallas Wedding Photographer

If you’re a wedding photographer like me, then having a beautifully designed website is a top priority. After all, how else are your potential couples going to get to know you or your work? One lesson I learned is that although a custom-built website is great, it isn’t always feasible. That is what prompted me to start searching for WordPress templates that I could use to make the Lavishly Lux website look more in line with my brand and vision. Low and behold, I stumbled upon Flothemes, and it has been the best thing that has happened to my website since I started in this business. Below, I’m going to explain why I love Flothemes so much and why I think they offer the best website templates for wedding photographers. 


Reason #1: Flothemes is insanely easy to use.

Seriously, I am not particularly tech-savvy, and even I find Flothemes a breeze. In fact, the main reason I initially switched to Flothemes was because the previous template platform I was using was just not user-friendly. It took me way too long to customize the templates that I liked, and the one thing I don’t have as an entrepreneur is time. Meanwhile Flothemes is so intuitive it barely takes me any time at all to choose a theme, tweak and customize the layout I want, and push it live. It really is one of the easiest interfaces I’ve ever used. In addition, there are tons of training videos you can watch if there is an area you’re struggling with. 


Reason #2: Flothemes was designed by photographers.

That’s right, Flothemes was created by photographers and designed with creative professionals (photographers, videographers, and event planners) in mind, and it shows! Each template is modern, minimalist, and elegant, and despite being a template, will give your website a customized feel. Ultimately, I support my creative community in any way that I can, and I love that this is a product of other photographers like me. 


Reason #3: Flothemes WordPress templates are out of this world.

Designing a website template for wedding photographers is no easy task. I won’t speak for the other wedding photographers out there, but I’m definitely quite particular when it comes to my website. As photographers, we know that aesthetic is everything, and given that our work is taking photos, we have to make sure that our website displays our photos in the best possible way. I never thought I would be able to find a WordPress template that satisfies my needs, but Flothemes totally does. The website templates that Flothemes offers wedding photographers are clean yet impactful. They really let the photos speak for themselves, which is how I know that the templates were designed by photographers for photographers. In addition, there is also video integration, making this a great option for wedding videographers too. Finally, all Flothemes WordPress templates are optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop, meaning your site will stun no matter what device it’s being viewed on. So if you’re looking for a WordPress template to showcase your portfolio in a contemporary and professional way, Flothemes is for you.


Reason #4: Flothemes cares about your business goals.

Flothemes doesn’t just look pretty, they also want to help wedding photographers like me reach their business goals. That is why there is plenty of substance behind all the flash with Flothemes. They have a series of plugins that you can add to your WordPress template in order to grow your brand. For example, there are social media plugins, a WooCommerce plugin so users can shop products on your site, and a FloHub plugin allowing you to integrate a responsive price list into your site. They also offer SEO assistance to ensure your webpages, blog posts, and photo tags are all optimized. Further, for an additional fee, Flothemes can even build or customize your entire site for you.


Reason #5: Flothemes is reasonably priced. 

The final reason I love Flothemes is because of the price point. Given all the unique features mentioned above, the price is extremely reasonable. Inexpensive website templates for wedding photographers are not a dime a dozen. That is why it was such a relief to discover that Flothemes definitely won’t break the bank. The cost varies depending on the WordPress template you choose, but they start at $279. However, all Lavishly Lux readers will receive 20% off their first template using my code lavishlylux– you’re welcome ;).