Now it’s time to welcome Lynn Jackson with Fit and Fab Weddings

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Tell us about your business?

I decided to start my wedding planning business after spending nearly a year planning my only daughter’s wedding. The day/weekend was euphoric for my daughter, our family/friends, and me; and was an experience we will never forget. I decided then that I wanted to help other couples and families have that same type of experience. I particularly wanted to offer services to “non-traditional” couples – minorities, inter-racial couples, same sex couples, plus size brides/grooms, and couples with modest budgets. In the same way that Hollywood  bombards us with skinny, flawless super models and makes many feel inadequate, I believe that social media does the same in the wedding industry. The “All American” couple (white, heterosexual, thin, handsome) shown in lavish weddings is so prevalent on social media that I think many couples cannot relate; and might forego any type of “formal” wedding ceremony or reception for fear of not measuring up. I want to change that. I want couples at least in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to know that there are plenty of options for wedding celebrations outside what may seem like the industry “norm” and that their day can be beautiful and that they can feel beautiful even if or especially if things are different than what they are used to seeing in posts or wedding magazines.

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What inspires you the most?

I feel so fortunate that I have the opportunity to get to know people from all “walks of life” – from various cultures with unique personalities and family dynamics. Sometimes I feel like I am traveling the world because of my interaction with folks who have different backgrounds than me. I am inspired by the fact that in spite of our differences they trust me to get to know and understand them, and to help make their wedding dreams come true.

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Has work/life balance been a challenge as an entrepreneur?

Absolutely. I love what I do and put everything into being the best and doing the best for all my clients. This sometimes leaves less time than I want for me to pursue other interests or spend time with my family. It is always a juggling act. My family is extremely supportive and patient, but I know that sometimes they just plain miss me. I do feel like I’m getting better each day in learning how to manage it all. I also appreciate my industry peers who remind me how important work/life balance is and have offered suggestions for how to become more efficient and ways to deal with this challenge.

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What’s your favorite part of a wedding?

Witnessing the love that couples have for each other on full display, and watching those who mean the most to them joyously join them in celebration of that love. And personally, I have a serious sweet tooth so always love to taste wedding cakes!

What piece of advice would you give every bride about planning her wedding?

My suggestion to brides and grooms alike is to enjoy the celebration and “don’t sweat the small stuff!” No matter how much planning and thinking and stressing you do before a wedding, your celebration of love will only be as good as your attitude is on that day. Enjoy each moment; soak it all in; and remember that this day is about you and the commitment you are making to the one you love, not about impressing anyone, pleasing anyone, or having a “perfect” event.


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