If you have kids, you know that in your eyes, they’re just perfect. If you’re an entrepreneur, it very much feels like you birthed your business, just like your kids.


Thing is, you hold your creations so close to your heart, that perfection is a must in every aspect of the way.


But let me tell you a little something: We have GOT to learn to let go.


It’s OK to sometimes be like: “I can’t handle this.”  “I feel overwhelmed.” or “I need help”.

And when we get to that point, it’s time that to listen to our feelings and find help.  It’s such a healthy work practice to not only ask for help but to also hire someone that can add a little grain of sand to our business. What you’re feeling is valid, and it’ll help you grow!


Ok, so you’ve got the “I need help” part down. How do you begin to hire?


From personal experience, hiring can be difficult. Especially if you’re just starting to notice you need a hand. Just imagine the first time you leave your kids at school. It’s very much that feeling.

Nevertheless, stay calm, I’ve discovered that there are many professionals out there that will help you gain perspective. Will it be hard to find the right one? Well, it might and might not. My advice to all is: Be clear on your expectations, view a wide range of profiles, and test a couple of people out, and once you’re sure, you’re ready to start!


Two or three creative minds work better than one, I promise!