As a marketing-savvy entrepreneur, I have to admit I’ve tried every email marketing platform out there. The result? I found the one that worked for me, and that is hands down Flodesk. Unlike some of the other major email building platforms out there (namely Mailchimp and ConvertKit), Flodesk easily offers the most bang for your buck, which is ideal for small businesses like mine. Not only does Flodesk have plenty of features, but it’s super easy to use, and definitely has the most design-forward email templates of any email marketing platform out there. That is why I never hesitate to tell my fellow business owners that it really is the best email marketing service available. Below, I’m going to explain not only why Flodesk works for me, but why I think it can work for you. I’m going to do this by comparing Flodesk with its two biggest competitors, Mailchimp and ConvertKit, both of which I’ve used and both of which I left behind for Flodesk. 


Intuitive Nature

One of the biggest problems I had with both Mailchimp and ConvertKit was the amount of time it took me to really get a hang of both platforms (in fact I’m not sure I ever really did, to be honest). I spent hours and hours designing emails, creating mailing lists, and other tasks that now take me minutes or even seconds with Flodesk. This is because Flodesk is extremely intuitive (it may be the most intuitive online program I’ve ever used). After first signing up, it took me all of one day to create pop ups and forms that were integrated to the Lavishly Lux website and set up my “workflows” (this is Flodesk speak for the automatic emails that get sent out when a certain condition is met, like someone signing up for your mailing list). Unlike Mailchimp and ConvertKit, Flodesk is not confusing in any way, shape, or form. It’s clean, simple, and has an amazing and responsive help desk should you have a question.


Price Point

An email marketing service that is easy to use, offers pretty designs, and won’t blow the roof off your budget? Now that’s what I’m talking about! When choosing the best email marketing service for you, one factor you have to consider is price. Flodesk certainly hits the mark when it comes to pricing. Right now, Flodesk is just $38 per month, regular price. However, they offer free trials to new users, and you can get 50 percent off your first subscription if you start your trial with this link. I don’t know about you, but a free trial followed by just $19 a month sounds pretty darn fantastic. In comparison, there were times when I was spending close to $100 per month for other email marketing services that weren’t even giving me what I wanted. What I also love about Flodesk’s price is that it is set. With Mailchimp for example, the price goes up as you get more subscribers, but all Flodesk memberships allow for an unlimited number of subscribers. This means that whether you have 500 or 50,000 mailing list subscribers, you will still be paying the same monthly fee. It’s worth noting that Flodesk is still in private beta, so it’s definitely possible that the price will increase in the future. However, if you sign up now, you secure the $38 per month rate for a lifetime, meaning even if the platform takes off and they decide to charge more for their services, this increased price will only apply to new users. 


Beautiful Email Designs

When it comes to the email templates offered by Mailchimp, ConvertKit, and Flodesk, there’s really no competition. Flodesk wins by a landslide. Back when I was still using Mailchimp, I would spend hours designing graphics in Photoshop that would then be inputted into Mailchimp’s lacklustre templates, just so the email I was sending out at least somewhat reflected my brand. It was extremely time consuming, and as all female entrepreneurs can relate to, time isn’t exactly something any of us have a lot of. Now that I’ve switched to Flodesk, I don’t have to spend hours crafting a pretty email graphic myself because the templates they provide are not only gorgeous, but fully customizable. You can set everything from font to color preferences so that each email you send out speaks to your brand. All of your preferences will be saved so that after you’ve done it once, you’re set. From there, sending a clean, professional, attention-grabbing email is as easy as a few clicks.


Take advantage of the best email marketing service out there and sign up for Flodesk today! Remember to use code lavishlylux to save 50 percent on your subscription.