Email Marketing: Flodesk Features That Will Change Your Life

Looking to up your email marketing game? So was I, which is when I found Flodesk. For those that don’t know, Flodesk is the best email marketing service out there. It totally changed how I do business and how I’m able to interact with my clients. As a wedding photographer, this is of the utmost importance. So if you’re a wedding photographer, or just a business owner, looking for a new email marketing solution, I can’t recommend Flodesk enough. Don’t take my word for it though. Instead, check out this article highlighting some of Flodesk’s best features. I promise you won’t need any convincing by the time you’re done reading.


Flodesk Creates Landing Pages For You

That’s right, with Flodesk, you can create standalone landing pages for your email campaigns. This means that you don’t even need to have a website in order to use Flodesk, nor do you need to use a separate, third party app to create a landing page. Using Flodesk’s “Forms” feature, you can choose to create a popup, inline, or a full landing page. Like their email templates, each landing page is fully customizable. You can even create and link multiple landing pages if you have an email that you’re sending to two different segments of subscribers. Overall, being able to create landing pages from scratch on Flodesk is such a fantastic feature, and one that not many other email marketing services offer. It’s also a feature that is especially important for new businesses that may not have the money to invest in a website just yet, but still want to be able to reach their audience. 


Flodesk Offers A Mobile Preview

Nowadays, emails can be accessed from any device. Thus, it’s extremely important that any email your company sends out is formatted and optimized for both desktop and mobile. Flodesk gets this, which is why they offer a mobile preview of every single one of your emails. Even before you’ve started building your own email, you will be able to view what a template will look like in both desktop and mobile form. This is a very underrated feature, but one of my personal favorites because it ensures that no matter how your audience is viewing an email, it’s going to look great. (After all, there’s nothing more annoying than a poorly formatted email that requires you to scroll sideways on your phone to be able to read it.)


Flodesk Reports Subscriber and Email Stats

Building and sending out an email isn’t all that email marketing entails. It’s also important to understand how your emails are being received by your audience (for example, what is the email open rate, how long is your email’s life cycle, and what percentage of your audience is clicking on any links you include in your email?). This might seem like a lot of information, but this is yet another aspect of email marketing that Flodesk makes easy. They have a built-in analytics feature that aggregates your subscriber and email stats and makes them available to you in a timely manner. You can find out how each specific email you send performs with your subscribes. At the click of a button, you will be able to tell how many emails were delivered, how many subscribers opened the email, how many emails were clicked, which links were clicked, and even whether your subscribers used a mobile or desktop device to open the email. It’s truly amazing how detailed the stats are, and if you take advantage of this feature, you can quickly optimize your email marketing game even further.  


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