Some say that elopement is crazy, boring, unromantic even. What do we say here at LavishyLux? Go for it!  favorite elopement venues in Atlanta. Our talented team of photographers believe that elopements are unique, beautiful, and especially romantic for those who wish to steal away and be alone with one another prior to saying “I do.” We think it’s a great idea! Don’t let anyone convince you and your soul mate that you can’t have a beautiful elopement with the works. Here are a few of our favorites Elopement venues in Atlanta.


Primrose Cottage | Elopement Venues in Atlanta


Don’t let the name fool you, this cottage has huge potential! A venue that’s historic, beautiful and offers a scenic view and the location is just perfect for an eloping couple. Not only does it offer a tranquil setting that allows for the ultimate intimacy, it is also very spacious. There’s an outdoor and indoor setting available for the ceremony. The three-story home comes with a ballroom, floor to ceiling mirrors, and a gorgeous view of the forest. This is a beautiful place to take some truly captivating photos between the couple before and after they seal the deal. If you need assistance with photography or filming, we’d love to accompany you. Primrose Cottage accommodates 300 guests. Contact the venue directly for pricing. 


Elopement Venues in Atlanta

Callaway Gardens


Situated at the foot of the Appalachian mountain range, Callaway Gardens, about an hour away from Atlanta, is a beautiful location to get married. Eloping couples can enjoy mesmerizing views of the mountains and the wilderness. There is a lovely garden situated at the resort that promises beautiful photos time and time again at your ceremony. This venue can hold over guests, has lakefront views, an outdoor and an indoor event space. It pretty much has it all! So whether you’re interested in tying the knot just the two of you, or with family and friends, you’re sure ti have a remarkable time at Callaway Gardens. Contact them directly for a price quote. 


The Atrium 


The Atrium is a wedding venue in Norcross, GA, that offers couples a neoclassical setting and a peace of mind moments before saying yes to forever. Perfect for elopement and weddings alike, it’s both historic and elegant. Anyone seeing a theme on this list? Historic and rustic settings have been very popular amongst the choices for couples that are soon-to- be married. This charming venue has two stories of recently renovated spaces that couples can pick from. There’s a beautiful ballroom with a dance floor for after the wedding ceremony, if couples choose to have a second celebration of their love. If couples opt for an outdoor ceremony they also have the luxury of beautiful push greenery all around within the garden area of the estate. Whether in the Atrium or the garden space, couples are guaranteed an unforgettable day. The Atrium can host up to 150 guests. Contact the facility directly for package prices. 


Stonehurst Place | Elopement Venues in Atlanta


If intimacy and luxury is what you’re seeking, you have to check out Stonehurst Place. This venue is considered to be one of the most luxurious boutique hotels in Midtown Atlanta. A 19th- century mansion that’s fully equipped with modern day amenities. If the bride- to- be and her mate are looking to enjoy a cultured estate, filled with beautiful art and surrounded by numerous attractions, this is the place! LavishlyLux would love to help you capture those secret moments that will stay with you forever. The decorations of Stonehurst Place are elegant and hosts fully-equipped rooms and comfortable furnishings. The staff also offers a gourmet breakfast each morning of your stay. Newlyweds receive access to the honeymoon suite each day of their stay at the hotel. Elopement packages start at $1850.


Fernbank Museum | Elopement Venues in Atlanta


Fernbank Museum of Natural History is a unique place for your elopement needs. Home to many cultural weddings in Atlanta, Georgia, it offers couples a quiet and creative space to tie the knot. You’re guaranteed a memorable experience for your special moment. This venue is also rich in history, and has multiple spaces available  to accommodate up to 2500 guests. At Fernbank Natural History Museum, couples can enjoy the beautiful Cafè, the Great Hall, which has a gorgeous glass ceiling, or the dramatically-lighted Star Gallery. There is also a giant-screen theater and on-site parking is available. Packages start at $2500. 


Dekalb History Center | Elopement Venues in Atlanta


The Dekalb History Center is a historic wedding venue that’s situated in Decatur, Georgia (miles away from Atlanta). Many people are drawn to the beautiful architecture and decor of the history center. This venue offers a really nice backdrop for photos as well. Guests that have been wed here say that there’s a beautiful glow in the reception center save. The Dekalb center can accommodate up to 150 guests. Their courtroom is very welcoming and is a nice and spacious venue for an elopement. This center also has room available for the couple to get ready prior to exchanging vows. Contact the center directly for price packages.