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Wedding Invitations are an essential part of your wedding. I have listed a few options for Dallas Wedding Invitations Vendors.

  1. Penn and Paperie
  2. Paper Affairs Dallas
  3. Nib and Pixel

At Lavishly Lux Studio is a wedding photography collective, based in Dallas, Texas.

We’re deeply inspired by the expression of true love – totally unscripted and unposed. Think of our style as artistic photojournalism. We take the realism and candid nature of photojournalism and infuse it with beauty, romance, and grace.

Every couple we work with (if you can even call it work!) is so unique and we make sure you’re relaxed and free to be yourselves to truly capture the essence of your love in its natural beauty.

We have had an opportunity to experience so many different cultures and wedding traditions. We’ve photographed Nigerian, Ghanian and Kenyan, Indian and Muslim weddings and  we can’t wait to experience more.

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