Hey Beauties! Another Dallas Nigerian wedding at the Dallas Palms on the horizon! Tayo and Catherine hosted a gorgeous traditional Nigerian wedding with tons of friends and family. Having already been married, this was more of a renewal for husband and wife; a symbolic gesture of their love and dedication to one another. I love renewals, so I was really happy to be a part of their special event. They chose to have a traditional Catholic wedding at a beautiful church with large stained-glass windows. It was a great experience working with this couple as we were able to capture some truly beautiful photos in both their wedding attire and traditional Nigerian garments for the reception. 


They had traditional Nigerian foods, customs and music at their celebration. Similar to a previous couple I had the pleasure of working with, Chidi and Sylvia, Tayo and Catherine also performed the money dance and the Kola Nut exchange. The money dance is a cultural Nigerian dance that allows the couple to have a small fund to start life together. A truly unifiying and generous tradition, the family and friend of the bride and groom were so supportive and really gave graciously. Awesome, awesome experience! The Kola Nut exchange is symbolic of many things in Nigerian culture from healing to fertiliy, to overall blessings for wellness. Tayo and Catherine had already committed themselves to one another, this sweet gesture was just icing on the cake. They vowed to be there for one another, as husband and wife should. Defintely a fun shoot and great environment to be in filled with love and laughter. Best wishes Tayo and Catherine! 


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