Dallas Ghanian Wedding – Michael & Ashley

I met Michael & Ashley because they won one of my yearly engagement session giveaways. Both were so amazing to work with and looked absolutely lovely during the engagement session.

After that, they happily booked me for their charming Spring Wedding in Dallas at the Walnut Hill United Methodist Church. As a photographer, I’m always looking into the memorable details of each wedding. The highlight of their lovely, traditional ceremony were the huge stained-glass windows in the Walnut Hill chapel. Due to this detailing, the chapel didn’t really need much decor, it was simply stunning on its own.

A Little Bit About Ashley

Ashley grew up attending services at Walnut Hill UMC. Naturally, it’s always lovely to have personal connections within your wedding, in this case, it was the beautiful chapel. This made the ceremony much more emotional, and this definitely shines through the photos.

About the Reception 

The reception was held in the Empire Room. The Empire Room is a blank slate, and with much love and creativity, Michael & Ashley made it come to life. Their Dallas Ghanian wedding reception came out to be breath-taking.

The Empire Room is an all-white venue, located in Dallas. It features beautiful centerpieces, backdrops, and colored uplighting which really made this space a work of art and gave this wedding a more-than-lovely vibe.

As photographers, we’re lucky to witness love every weekend. For this reason, I’m more than thankful for every wedding I get to attend, however, there are always a few that really stand out to me. I will never forget how this couple had mad love for each other, it was so obvious they lit up the entire room.

We wish them the best on their journey to eternal love. Thank you, Michael & Ashley, for this experience.

Quick note: My team and I weren’t able to use flash within the chapel, so our favorite lenses worked amazing, even with low lighting. The Sigma Art 50mm series produces extremely sharp images and works great in these scenarios. As always, I recommend renting equipment before you purchase. I use Aperturent and they ship anywhere.