Something that really characterizes me is that I’m a person of faith. I’m a believer and a strong one. Throughout my life, religion has given me the power and confidence to get through many events. I find support in God and His creations which make me feel that I can conquer anything. 


Believing and having faith has believe it or not, sparked my creativity in many ways. Through faith, I feel I’m able to view the world from a different perspective, finding inspiration in the smaller details, as well as support and inspiration.



My parents raised me to attend church every Sunday and to believe that God would bless me if I did the right thing. Going through some of the challenges I experienced throughout my life, like being diagnosed with Endometriosis and handling a mother with Alzhemeirs, my faith was my true strength throughout the way, at least I tried to remember and summon it through this journey. 


Yes, if I’m being truly honest, I must say that I doubted my own faith many times. Sure, many times it seemed that things were just not working out for the greater good. We all go through this at some point in life as the humans we are. Doubting faith is a possibility when going through unfortunate life events, but going back is truly healing. Just like it was for me. Sure, there were times that all the hard work seemed pointless if certain happenings were going to come through either way. But the biggest healer was and is Faith.


Many times, I notice a sense of tranquility within which constantly inspires me. I feel this because I can hand off the burden of stress to a higher entity. When I am able to let go, it results in a feeling of a great weight being lifted off my shoulders, which permits a deep feeling of inner balance, that then transforms into powerful inspiration and motivation.


I find that my faith grounds me. It grounds me through my creative struggles, business deals, clients, and finances. It is truly amazing how I am able to feel supported and calm when in this state of mind and heart.


Whatever your faith may be, look for your very own powerful source of support and balance. Your creativity and inspiration will thank you!