Let the Dallas Sheraton Hotel bells ring… well, in this case… let the Dallas Sheraton Hotel Wedding bells ring! Winter wedding season is upon us and I can smell the abundance of crisp roses, calla lilies and blush-colored peonies filling the air. With the weather chilled and the holiday season rushing by, winter is a unique time of year to seal the season with a kiss… and I do’s of course!


This September, I had the privilege of working with a beautiful couple, Jilyian and Christian, that have an even more beautiful love story. I was empowered to reach out to Jilyian, an inspiring social media influencer based in Dallas, TX, because of her zest for life and her aesthetic Instagram profile- it truly draws you in. The three of us found that we made a great team and decided to move forward with me being their wedding photographer on their most special day. 


Like many couples, Jilyian and Christian met at work… well as interns in the summer of 2011. They started as friends and soon transitioned their friendship into a loving partnership. On July 14, 2018 after four years of dating, Christian literally took Jilyian’s breath away with a surprise proposal 14,000 feet above sea level, on top of Mt Evans in Denver, Colorado, (I mean come on, what could be more romantic?!). Immediately after the proposal, the two started planning their wedding… with a little help from Jilyian’s Pinterest board, (are you even getting married if you haven’t been planning a wedding for years on Pinterest? I don’t think so!). The Pinterest board helped the two stay on track with their desired aesthetic and wedding theme which was a modern take on a black and white wedding with hints of old Hollywood glamour… and let me tell ya, it was absolutely stunning. Colors of navy, ivory and gold engulfed the Dallas Sheraton Hotel and created a serene, elegant atmosphere… the perfect atmosphere to tie the knot.  

Dallas Sheraton Hotel Wedding

Both Jilyian and Christian decided on the Dallas Sheraton Hotel as the venue for their wedding because of its elegant view of the Dallas skyline and, of course, to incorporate Christian’s style, it was simple yet glamorous. With help from myself, and the talented team at Lavishly Lux Studio, we took unstaged, candid photos of the couple throughout the different stages of their wedding: getting ready for the big day, during their vows and I do’s, during the reception (which is MY favorite part, who doesn’t love a party?) and when the couple left to start a new chapter together. The photos captured the true love and happiness that the two shared in these special moments. 


As the night wrapped and the luxurious wedding came to a close, Jilyian and Christian left the venue as husband and wife and I left knowing the couple can reminisce about this special day for the rest of their lives through the eyes of a lens and the memories in their hearts.  This was our second wedding at the Dallas Sheraton Hotel, I’m so excited about the next one.