Say hi to the newlyweds, Chidi & Sylvia! This adorable couple had a traditional Nigerian wedding with elements of their culture infused everywhere. They had a special Catholic ceremony held at a huge cathedral adorned with stained glass windows, and filled with family and friends who had so much love for Chidi and Sylvia on their big day. I have to thank Fumi at Belpek Events for the recommendation, if you’re in need of a Dallas wedding photographer, I won’t disappoint you! Thanks again Fumi, this wedding was so much fun. You felt like you were a part of the culture with all of the traditional dances, food and music they featured at the reception. As you can see, Sylvia was definitely not camera shy! Her poses were so pretty, regal even! We had a ball coming up with fun and creative ways to capture their glances, smiles, and loving embraces. After the ceremony they changed into traditional Nigerian attire, while their families, already dressed and ready to impress, danced into the reception space to start the party! They held the reception at Dallas Palms, which has hosted several cultural weddings to date. Bella Decor made sure that the room was sharp! The lighting was beautiful against white sheets that hung from the ceilings and the floral centerpieces were to die for. 


One of my favorite elements of their wedding was their traditional “money dance”. Doesn’t that sound like something you want to bust out doing right now? The guests so generously tossed money to the newlyweds to start their eternal journey off with a small fund from their loved ones. I thought this was a beautiful tradition that was also really helpful and showed how much unity was amongst the guests and the couple. Another unique element of their wedding was the Kola nut exchange. The Kola nut is highly symbolic in Nigerian culture and western Africa in general. It is viewed as a channel of blessings and exemplifies the couple’s willingness to help heal one another. I don’t know about y’all, but that just sounds so sweet to me! Being able to photograph this event was a great experience for me and I hope that Chidi and Sylvia enjoy a lifetime of happiness together!