You’re getting married, now your next step is asking your best friends to be your bridemaids. Lavishly Lux Studio has created an awesome line of bridesmaid proposal cards. They make the best bridesmaid gift ever! By offering  multi-cultural cards, they are intended to look just like you and your bridesmaids.

Our cards include a variety of skin tones, hair colors and style options to create the most lifelike look. We also have cards for Maids and Matrons of Honor.  When asking via a lovely card first, this will call for double the excitement – First for the card and the special question and secondly for the gift! Plus, who wouldn’t want to keep this gorgeous piece of art as a keepsake?

We love our Will You Be My Bridesmaid Proposal Cards These really make great bridesmaid gift ideas. Our cards can be purchased as downloads or  we can send you  actual 5×7 keepsake cards. Our keepsake cards are  ultra thick and  are meant to be kept for a lifetime.

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