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Branding Your Wedding Photography Business

Branding Your Wedding Photography Business How to Brand Your Business in 4 Steps   It’s no secret that the wedding business is highly competitive. That being said, there are just as many...


Branding Your Wedding Photography Business

How to Brand Your Business in 4 Steps


It’s no secret that the wedding business is highly competitive. That being said, there are just as many competent and highly talented shooters out there all vying for a part of this multi-billion dollar business (over $50 billion in 2013 alone!). This is where branding comes into play to help give you the advantage over another photographer. An established package shows a client that you value every part of your business.


Weddings and wedding planning can be extremely emotional for most couples. As a professional, you want your brand to display a level of confidence that also connects with the emotions of your customer.


Most people think branding is all about a blog or a website; that’s only one part of the package. Branding is what someone feels when they see you (website, logo, etc). To get to the place of establishing a familiar presence means having a standard way of doings things. So when Mary-Jane sees the image of flying pink doves with lavender ribbons floating behind their tails, she knows that the experts at Bridal Doves & Co. is in town.


So how do you make this happen? The answer is in the process of defining and redefining who you are, who your audience is, what problem do you solve and what makes you different.


Step 1. Define your style.

You must first know what you like and who you are before presenting that to a client. Are you:

  • Traditional
  • Artsy
  • Edgy

This must be represented throughout your brand. To help with your style, design a mood board. This will help your designer and help you define your style. Gather pictures of the types of images that define your style; choose colors, textures and visual representations of all the things that fit within your chosen framework. These will be used for your logo, website, literature and other displays.


Step 2. Research.

Once you have decided on your ideal client, do your research. Does your ideal client use social media, read magazines, shop at certain stores? Are they bargain shoppers, do-it-yourselfers, or are they style lovers? This well help you decide where and how to market your business.


Step 3. Pricing.

Adjust pricing based on your findings. Do-it-yourselfers may want to pay lower prices or want an ´a la carte menu so they may choose services. A style lover may prefer an all-inclusive package.


Step 4. Connect.

In this step you are finding out if your branding and marketing efforts are paying off. Have you gotten referrals from happy clients? More fans on your social media sites? Additional subscribers to your newsletters?

  • Thank you’s: How do you connect with your clients? Sending thank-you gifts, such as luxury wine glasses for a style lover is a great example. These connects should mirror the values of your brand. What do your clients typically love? Make this a part of your brand. We love to use Boxfox for our gifts.
  • Give back: Your more earthy clients may love your donation to green or nature organizations. Your style lovers may connect because you volunteered to give a lecture at your local business club for entrepreneurs.
  • Social media: Put the love out into cyberspace! Share your businesses success with the world (with permission of course). Post blogs, photos and other updates from your successful events. Your style lover may adore how much attention they get from having their pictures posted on Facebook for example.


Taking the time to build you brand name means you are becoming the authority on what your market wants and needs. You are the expert source who can be trusted to fulfill your client’s dreams. And that’s what weddings are all about!


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