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black bridesmaid cards

black bridesmaid cards

We has created the cutest line of multi-Cultural bridesmaid proposal cards. Our signature  black bridesmaid cards feature a bride and bridesmaid with natural hair. These cards  add a personal touch to your bridesmaid proposal. Digital Download Card .  We also offer keepsake printed cards. Both options are perfect for your ladies.


About Lavishly Lux Studio

At Lavishly Lux Studio, we consider love to be the purest art form there is. Let’s be real: it takes a serious amount of dedication, imagination and collaboration to create a love that lasts. Let us capture the most beautiful, spontaneous parts so you can focus on creating your masterpiece!

We’re deeply inspired by the expression of true love – totally unscripted and unposed. Think of our style as artistic photojournalism. We take the realism and candid nature of photojournalism and infuse it with beauty, romance, and grace. 

Every couple we work with (if you can even call it work!) is so unique and we make sure you’re relaxed and free to be yourselves to truly capture the essence of your love in its natural beauty.