Which Wedding Season is Best for You?

Picking a season is very important because it dictates a lot of details about your wedding, from the availability and pricing of your venue to the color scheme. As you begin to plan your wedding, think of the big picture. Do you want a large wedding? Do you envision your guests sitting outside under budding trees in spring or in a cozy candle-lit chapel as the snow gently falls against the stained glass?

Weather not only affects your wedding’s style and location, but may set a completely different mood. Consider your wedding personality, then choose your season accordingly. Free-spirited fun, sun-dappled settings, and wild and sweaty dancing: stick with a summer wedding. Opulence, snowfall and holiday sparkle: try a winter wedding. Rich colors, fallen leaves, and apple cider: go for a fall wedding. Freshness, pastels and a daffodil bouquet: a spring wedding season is your thing.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding which season to get married:

Special Days: Wouldn’t it be romantic to marry on the day of your first date or your parents’ anniversary? You may not be able to marry on the exact day you want (a Monday for example), but you can probably get close!

Price: Budget may affect your season choice. Because the most popular time to get married is June, August, and September, you’ll see higher prices during those months. Planning a wedding in January, March, or December may cost you less. Day of the week also matters: marrying during the week is less expensive, while Saturday night tends to be the priciest.

Which wedding season will you choose?



  • Gorgeous seasonal (meaning less expensive) blooms.
  • Spring is the most natural time to go in any direction you want with your colors because you can pretty much make any colors work.
  • The temperature has warmed up giving way to a plethora of seasonal flowers at your fingertips.
  • A partly cloudy springtime sky makes for some of the best photo opts whereas bright summer sunlight can cause harsh shadows in photographs.


  • The chance for rain on your wedding day is relatively high in spring.
  • Mud. Make sure you grab a pair of rain boots if you plan to take pictures outside when the ground is wet!
  • Lots of bugs. Unfortunately all the flowers and the lovely weather means bugs.


  • The weather is nice! Venue options increase because outside spaces are now an option.
  • Your guests are in vacation mode. It’s summer, so any excuse to take a long weekend is welcomed!
  • The chance of rain spoiling your big day is minimal, but outdoor ceremonies can leave your guests hot, sweaty, and restless.


  • Summertime is peak wedding season, which means most venues and vendors up their fees.
  • If you’re having an outside wedding, you may be a sweaty mess!
  • Hotels tend to be more expensive, so you might want to consider that if you have out of town guests.


  • Fall presents a whole new set of natural (free) decor benefits!
  • Vendors and venues will open up as you get later into fall.
  • Having a fall wedding could save you and your guests a little bit of cash if you book as the season starts to close. Hotels will lower their prices and their minimums.


  • It may be tough for them to get time off work or school to make it to your wedding.
  • The colors of fall are spectacular but the weather can be a bit unpredictable. Sun, rain, snow, and even hail are all a possibility.
  • You may have to deal with a cold snap or unpredictable rain.


  • You budget will thank you. As long as you aren’t getting married on a high demand holiday like New Year’s or Valentine’s Day, you will get a deal.
  • All of those amazing vendors that you want who were booked solid all summer now have availability.
  • Winter is the wedding off-season and many venues will give discounted rates to fill the holes in their schedules.



  • The holiday season is busy for so many people. They have party after party in December, so make sure you aren’t competing with holiday events.
  • Your seasonal flower selection is going to be limited.
  • The weather can be an issue. If you’re getting married in the winter and a blizzard decides to paralyze your venue location, guests as well as vendors could have a difficult time getting to your event.


Embrace the natural elements of the season that you pick and you’ll be sure to have a wedding to remember, regardless of season!