Are you planning to elope in Las Vegas? If you answered yes to this question, then first off, congratulations to you! As an elopement and wedding photographer, there is nothing quite as intimate as eloping and if you’re going to elope, Vegas is definitely the place to do it! I’ve spent plenty of time in Vegas, which is why I want to advise you on which season is best to say “I do” in Sin City. Keep reading to discover the best seasons to elope in Vegas.



Spring is a beautiful time of year to get married in Las Vegas. Set against the backdrop of blossoming flowers, it’s truly as romantic as can be. Spring is also a great time to tie the knot if you like warm, summer days, rather than hot ones. As you probably know, Vegas is set in the desert, which means in the summertime it’s extremely hot (more on that below). For people who can’t stand the heat, I tend to recommend spring as temperatures are more consistently between 56 and 78 degrees. That said, Vegas in spring is known for its windy weather, so you will need to consider this if you’re planning an outdoor wedding. March and April are typically the windiest months, with the wind dying down in May or June.



Summer in Vegas is an extremely popular time for elopements. As a Vegas elopement photographer, I have been to Vegas in the summer many times. The one thing I’ll say is this: if you don’t like the heat (and I mean serious, scorching heat), don’t get married in Vegas in the summer. However, if you can handle the heat, then by all means, go for it! Despite the sweltering heat, there are tips and tricks I’ve acquired, even if you want to plan an outdoor ceremony. For example, I recommend scheduling any outdoor ceremonies or receptions for the early evening. The afternoon is when the sun is the hottest, so it’s best to avoid this time of day. Another option if you have your heart set on getting married outdoors is to choose a venue with plenty of shade. I also advise the happy couple to provide their guests with fans and water bottles upon arrival. One final pro about eloping in Vegas during the summer is that hotel room rates are typically reduced, especially from Sunday to Thursday. There is also plenty of availability as there are very few large conventions held in Vegas in the months of July and August.



I have to say, fall is my favorite time of year in Vegas for weddings and elopements. The weather is gorgeous. However, temperatures can change quickly, ranging anywhere from 58 degrees to 81 degrees. Thus, I also advise my brides and grooms-to-be to bring multiple different outfit options, as one day you can be wearing a summer dress, and the next you need jeans and a sweater. In addition, it’s worth noting that given how comfortable the temperatures are in Vegas during September and October, this is typically when hotel prices are highest. I recommend all couples eloping to Vegas keep this in mind when they’re budgeting for their special day.



Like all seasons, saying “I do” in winter also has its pros and cons. As all Vegas elopement photographers know, winter is a busy month for the lively city. Not only is it the holiday season, but it’s also high season for the major events and conventions that take place annually in Vegas. These include the National Rodeo, the Consumer Electronic Show, NASCAR race weekends, and Super Bowl Sunday. There are still plenty of days and weekends when the city is less busy, but it’s important to do your research in advance when choosing a date, as it could be difficult to find a reasonably priced hotel room, or even a hotel room at all, if you were to plan to elope on one of these busier weekends. That said, if you decide winter in Vegas is the time for you, then know that this is low season for weddings, which means more availability and better prices at any venues or hotels you’re looking at.


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