Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion changes, but style endures.” I thought, isn’t that true about love?” People can change their appearances and bits of themselves but love endures. With Robert and Jordan, style and love are both endless and plentiful. We met Jordan through our Instagram Influencer program and, looking at these photos, I’m sure you can see why we were thrilled to work with her. They both have amazing style, which is just fuel for our creative fire!


We knew this assignment would be a perfect fit for our new associate photographer Takeyla. Takeyla is officially joining us beginning in January 2020 and her talent is going to be a real asset to Lavishly Lux Studio. Southern weddings are one of our specialities, so having an Atlanta-local photographer handle our first Atlanta engagement session was a match made in heaven.


I always try to capture the essence of my couples’ hometown during engagements. Robert and Jordan’s Atlanta wedding will be at Koury Farms in Auburn, Georgia on September 20, 2020 – a picture perfect location for a southern wedding with the big white barn and fresh outdoors. Because we have this beautiful location to look forward to for the wedding, we really wanted to highlight the other side of Atlanta and capture the cultured, city feel for their engagement session


Takeyla started the Atlanta engagement session at the beautiful, historic Chandler Hotel. From there, Robert and Jordan posed atop a parking garage deck with visible views of the Skyview Atlanta. These are some of my favorite engagement photos! The silhouette of the ferris wheel in the background kind of tricks you. You think “What a cool photo!” and then BAM you see Robert and Jordan there, and are surprised all over again by the photo. Again,it makes it easy when the bride and groom can’t take a bad photo.


The shoot ended at Woolford Gardens where Robert and Jordan changed into slightly warmer, but not less stylish clothes, and settled into a beautiful and more comfortable portion of their engagement shoot.


We’re lucky to welcome Takeyla into the team, adding more talent and availability in Atlanta. Our Instagram influencer program continues to bring us wonderful partnerships. We’re really looking forward to 2020 and would love to work with you this year! This was the most perfect Atlanta Engagement Session.

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