Appy Couple is my new favorite app. This wedding planning helper is brimming with incredible features that instantly make a bride’s life easier. From the on-trend design themes to the guest list manager, below is a list of 3 Appy Couple features I can’t get enough of.


Ready-to-Go Themes

From boho botanical to modern marble, there are endless themes to choose from on Appy Couple. By creating an account, couples will gain access to tons of unique boutique designs. Whatever design you settle on will be used for all aspects of your wedding, from the e-vites to the wedding registry. You can search themes by colour, decor style, or even location. There is definitely a theme to suit every wedding! Plus, the streamlined, all-in-one service ensures that the same theme is used across the website, app, and all digital communications. It even allows you to change your theme if at any time you’re unhappy with it. As an added bonus, Appy Couple recently added a monogram option so you can personalize your design even further.


Guest List Manager

Deciding on a guest list and then organizing it is one of the hardest steps during wedding planning. Luckily, Appy Couple is here to make the process much easier. Every account comes with a Guest List Manager that allows you to add guests directly into the app or upload a pre-made list. If a contact needs to be added or amended later on, you can do so in just a few clicks. And searching for a contact has never been simpler, as you can organize guest lists alphabetically or by event. This is especially helpful if you’re using Appy Couple to manage the guest lists for multiple events, such as your wedding, as well as your bridal shower, engagement party, and even bachelorette party.


Share Your Photos 

Your wedding website is sure to stun thanks to the high-res photos and videos that can easily be uploaded to your site with Appy Couple. Contemporary full-screen cover pages allow you to upload engagement photos prior to the wedding. After the wedding, these can be swapped out for a slideshow gallery of wedding day photos or even your same-day video. In addition to your own photos, people who attend your wedding will have the option of sharing the photos they took on your Appy Couple page, so all can enjoy. Plus, whenever someone uploads a photo, you are then able to download it and save it to your computer.